weirdWhen you’ve spent almost two years writing about the weird (and sometimes wonderful) things in the world, you get a bit of a reputation. And then because of that reputation, people send you emails with suggestions of things to write about.

And suddenly, you’ve become a hoarder of WTF. Your virtual mailbox becomes this thing with a life of its own, and you find yourself faced with a real dilemma — start throwing things away, or come up with a solution.

So this week, we’re going to clear out the old mailbag of weird so I can get to WTF inbox zero for exactly 15 minutes. Ready to read? Let’s go. (more…)

Listen, I have made no secret about how I feel about snakes. In short, the tamest ones freak me out and the scariest ones can actually kill me. And you kind of have to get way too close for comfort (read, within a 100-foot radius) to find out which kind (bitey die or bitey no die) of a snake it is, so nope.

Fine, fine, they eat bugs and vermin that would overtake the world without snakes. Fine. They’re more scared of us than we are of them. I can quibble with that personally, but fine.

But I have to tell you that in preparation for this story, I had to compile an entire folder of snake stories for this Wednesday WTF. For someone like me, that’s like collecting boogeymen and shoving them under your bed for further review. (more…)


I can’t imagine anything more WTF than getting bitten on the posterior by anything whilst trying to settle down on a toilet to do one’s business.

And yet, here we are. (more…)

Stichter snake!Update 10:04 am: Yikes! Now there are two snakes on the patio!

New listing here, and this big fat snake shows up in the photo of the back patio. Is that a real snake or a fake serpent? I had one for years — kept it outside on the lawn chairs to keep birds and critters away. It freaked out the lawn guys and the pool cleaners. In fact, seems like that poor rubber snake bit the dust a few years ago.

This is a beautiful new listing of a gorgeous home at 6541 Stichter, whose interiors are just a little too “old-world” for me. Nothing that cannot be changed with a couple cans of paint. Look at the vitals: “a Kienast Custom home with a salt water pool, full cabana with bar, terrace and fireplace.” A cabana with full bar? Right on! The home has an open floor plan with a granite-laden kitchen decked to the nines with Sub Zero, a spacious family room, to-die-for master suite down AND another bedroom down, too. Altogether, 5441 square feet, four bedrooms, four full and two half baths. Asking $1,850,000 and new to the market April 6, listed with Danna and Martha Morguloff. The owners even added an iron door to the master bedroom from the patio for added security.

So why, I ask, is there a big fat snake on the patio??? Stichter ext