electricityThe good news is this week’s Wednesday WTF is being written. The bad news is it’s being written from a hotel room next to a strip club because home base has no electricity.

You think I’m kidding, but Monday when we couldn’t find any restaurants open, my sweet innocent child said from the backseat, “Oh look, Mom! There’s a buffet at that place. If they’re open we can go have lunch.”


So yeah, that was a whole thing.

Anyway, we spent Sunday night believing Oncor when it said we would have electricity by 5 p.m. Then 6 p.m. Then 9 p.m., then WTF PM ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE? And we were all trying to be very zen about it. We spent time outside. We filled up the wading pool. We ate popsicles.

But around midnight, with all of us sleeping in separate beds because all of us needed to starfish for maximum circulation, it became clear that Oncor knew as much as we did about the electrical grid of the Dallas Metropolitan Statistical Area. (more…)


We all know Allie Beth Allman, Dallas realtor extraordinaire who has the biggest A-List of clients in town: former president George W. Bush and wife Laura, Tom Hicks, John Amend, the list could go on and on.

Well maybe you didn’t know where she, Pierce and a whole lot of ABA agents spend vacation time: in this beautiful paradise of a home on Possum Kingdom Lake. Really more of a compound than a home, the one acre spread in Gaines Bend (one of the most sought-after subdivisions at PKL) features six bedrooms, seven full and one-half bath, a guest house, dock, pool, spa, putting green, tennis court and the most magnificent views of the lake and Hells Gate.

Whoa, Hell’s Gate?1015 Agarita Circle PKL (more…)