man caveIf you watch enough House Hunters on HGTV you can create a drinking game of it — take a shot every time someone says man cave. Chug a beer when someone says they hate the paint color. One kegstand when the couple announces they each want a style of house that is not at all compatible with the other, like a Victorian Brutalist with an open concept kitchen that is hidden from the great room and has vintage post-war appliances. Civil War.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there.

Anyway, the man cave is mentioned at least every other episode. In fact, there was one episode where the guy mentioned the man cave every two minutes. The fact that the Realtor didn’t shove him in an actual cave speaks volumes for the patience and professionalism of the craft of real estate sales.

I bring this up because a reader sent me a listing for this week that has a man cave. I mean it, we can’t call it a bonus room, or flex space, or a home theater, or any other euphemism. It is what it is, and what it is is a man cave. (more…)

Spanish Revival at its finest

Built in 1928 but updated to 2019, you’ll find an amazing property at 2308 Winton Terrace West. (Photos: Trey Freeze Media)

It’s not easy to do. It takes time, patience, money, and certainly skill. I’m not talking about negotiating the government shutdown stalemate, I’m talking about perfectly mingling new materials and construction into an older home. What did you think I was talking about?

Think about it — most contractors want to simply tear down an older home and not mess with the hassle and painstaking fuss that comes with reviving it.

Spanish Revival flair

Beautiful barrel ceiling in formal living with upstairs catwalk

It’s also a tedious job, as many sizes of doors, windows, bathrooms and certainly closets were not up to the standard of savvy 2019 buyers.

When it’s done correctly, it’s a thing of beauty.




Somebody better snap this up before Jay Leno hears about the ultimate car collector’s garage. If Leno doesn’t get it first, maybe one of the other nine biggest car collectors in the world will shell out the $5.5 million asking price for a retirement home turned into a 20,000-square-foot garage, i.e. car cave.

“It is the ultimate Christmas gift for the guy who has everything,” says listing agent Clay Stapp.

The garage comes with a 33-car collection of fully-restored classic Corvettes, American muscle cars, and even some reproductions.  Also included: all the “automobilia,” hundreds of collectibles from vintage gas pumps to toddler pedal cars.