The day is not yet over and there is more news about high producing agents migrating to different brokers.

Allie Beth Allman & Associates announced today that the top-producing Susan Baldwin Group, led by Susan Baldwin, has joined Allie Beth Allman & Associates, “building on the luxury real estate boutique’s strong foundation of client service, cutting-edge marketing and entrepreneurship.”

“I’ve admired Susan for years, and I’m excited her team is joining the ABA family,” said CEO Allie Beth Allman. “We’re fortunate to have a leader who is so focused on delivering for her clients, and we welcome her entrepreneurial spirit.”

Susan’s team includes agents Fiona Richards and Missy Townsend.

Susan, who is one of our partner agents, tells me she closed a transaction with Allie Beth this summer and the real estate legend, so impressed with Susan’s style, asked if she would “ever consider working with us at Allie Beth Allman?”

“I have been at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s for 16 years, and I loved it, I was really very happy,” says Susan. “Robbie Briggs is just the best. ABA is really the same kind of company that Briggs is — fabulous independent boutique firms, each headed by namesake real estate icons from whom you learn so much. It was certainly not dissatisfaction — I just thought change would be good for my listings. As I thought about it, it all came together. Everyone was very supportive. ”

She is taking her listings with her. Susan, who began her career partnering with Ginger Nobles at Briggs — who can ever forget their adorable ad branding on a tandem bicycle until they got all hip on us and went for the green tandem motorcycle — says Ginger Nobles will remain at Briggs Freeman. The two are close friends.

“I’ve had a very warm welcome here on my second day at Allie Beth Allman, and also an offer on one of my listings,” says Susan. ” I so admire Allie Beth as a person and a broker, and the team of agents who work with her are simply stellar. I think it’s going to be great for me, and most vitally, great for my clients.”

Dilbeck Renovated Ranch
Our Saturday Six Hundred is a lovely Charles Dilbeck renovated ranch at 6731 Lakefair Circle, and it perfectly illustrates the name of the neighborhood.

We seldom think about why a neighborhood carries a particular name. Lakewood seems straightforward enough. It’s near White Rock Lake, and it’s heavily wooded. However, what many people don’t realize is that there are lovely little lakes throughout the neighborhood. This is because the only access to these little oases is from the back of each house. This Dilbeck renovated ranch is one of 24 houses on Blue Fair Lake, a private spring-fed lake. (more…)

3608 Lexington.

It’s no secret our market has simmered down from the overheated, boiling point frenzy of a year or so ago. And it’s not that the market isn’t healthy — according to multiple sources, the North Texas real estate market is among the healthiest in the nation.

But to be honest, as we always are, the homes going quickest are the sleek, modern new construction showpieces. This mod craze is something I hope buyers don’t regret in ten years, though the warm transitional moderns of 2018 are a huge improvement over the stucco mesas of yesteryear. My concerns are centered on some of the wilder variations on a theme to be found across our landscape: you know who what the stuff I mean. Will those corrugated metal parts rust out? Will the stucco stain? Will the owners be screaming for brick or Texas limestone sheathing come 2028?

So when a traditional-appearing home at 3608 Lexington, on a street as coveted as Lexington Drive in the primo high price dirt vicinity of Highland Park, hits the market, I pay attention. I toured this home this summer, just before a smattering of travel, and decided to show it off when I was assured everyone was back in town. Because this is one you want to pay attention to.

I know what you are saying: it’s a Georgian, meh, give me a break. I will, until you turn the knob on that beautiful double front door, walk in and meet me in the bathtub…



Real estate magnate Allie Beth Allman and her husband, Pierce, will be honored by Texas Discovery Gardens with the 2018 Flora Award at the annual gala.

Allie Beth and Pierce Allman will be honored with the 2018 Flora Award for their years of service to the Dallas Community on October 25, the jade anniversary of this prestigious Dallas occasion. Since its inception in 1982, The Flora Award has been presented in support of Texas Discovery Gardens, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The honor serves to recognize outstanding citizens who have demonstrated a commitment to community service, natural resource education, protection of the environment and quality of life.

“If there is a worthy cause in Dallas, chances are the Allmans have supported it in a meaningful and generous way,” said Dick Davis, Executive Director of Texas Discovery Gardens. “While the Allmans don’t seek recognition, those of us in the nonprofit world seek every public opportunity to show our gratitude. That they would allow us to honor them for their decades of philanthropic efforts is gratifying beyond words. Yet, we plan to find just the right words at the 2018 Flora Award Gala.”


crespiWhen the Walnut Place Estate — the former Crespi Estate — sold at auction last year, it went for a record $36.2 million, and to a familiar buyer — Dallas developer Mehrdad Moayedi. Word came this week that Moayedi has finished up some renovations, and has put it back on the market for a cool $38.5 million.

The Dallas Business Journal has details of the listing, which is not on MLS. Allie Beth Allman and Kyle Crews have the listing for the 28,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom, 12-bath mansion that was once listed for a whopping $135 million.

The mansion was home to former Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks, before he sold to Andy Beal, who then put it up for auction with Concierge Auctions, which led to Moayedi’s opportunity to snap up the property.

When Moayedi bought the home, Candy had details(more…)

Luxury HomeSelling homes is a complicated business. You do not simply put a sign in the yard and list a home on MLS. Good Realtors have a team at their fingertips today, and they provide so many services it will make your head spin. Right now, a lot of Realtors are essentially remodeling consultants.

Buyers today, more than ever and in any market, demand a move-in ready home. That means Realtors do a lot more than show houses. They make sure those houses are show-ready. That, more often than not, means getting a team together to update and often gut and remodel entire rooms. Buyers won’t even look at a dated kitchen or bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, the luxury market is much healthier in Dallas than in the rest of the country, but luxury homes are getting a lot of help.


Minimal Traditional

It should not be surprising to know we are preservation enthusiasts here at We are always looking for a great home that’s been saved from the wrecking ball. Our Inwood Home of the Week, at 5437 West Mockingbird Lane is a minimal traditional in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Greenway Parks. And it has undergone a stunning makeover. (more…)

Eclectic PrairieOur Monday Morning Millionaire at 3649 Maplewood Avenue is a gorgeous eclectic prairie home in the heart of Old Highland Park.  You seldom see a house built in 1921 that has been updated this beautifully, and with such regard for the original charm. (more…)