Part I: “Each home in Quail Hollow will be its OWN country club.”

We’ve told you how Westlake is now considered the most exclusive and expensive suburb of Dallas. With a median home price of $2 million, Westlake has become one of the most sought after DFW neighborhoods to live or to build a wonderful dream home.

Westlake is beautiful, loaded with stunning luxury homes, but there is still a lick of open God’s country around you. You can buy 360 degree views of gentle hills, lakes, trees, with an occasional longhorn roaming along the pasture.

You can even say, hey, this is just like Austin.

But nowhere does that very product — wide open lots teaming with nature — come together in finer fashion than in a fresh new development, located conveniently right across the street from Vaquero Country Club on Dove Road right off 114.

This new neighborhood is named Quail Hollow, and it is simply fantastic. Lots are flying off the shelves. Physicians, fund managers, a few Rangers players and even Toyota execs are buying.

Located in the town of Westlake, but in the Southlake/Carroll school district, Quail Hollow is just now popping up on the radar screen of people seeking a luxuriously calm, relaxing life style in a quiet, wooded neighborhood.

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