6 Outdoor Projects to That’ll Bring New Life to Your Backyard

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Credit: Lawns of Dallas

Texans are used to being indoors when summer temperatures hit their peak, but 2020 has been something altogether new. With shelter-in-place rules enforced for weeks at a time as well as ongoing social distancing, many of us have spent more time indoors than ever. Madison Gardner at Lawns of Dallas has some suggested projects for reinvesting time and energy in your outdoor space, especially to counterbalance the increased time sheltering inside this year. 

Build an Outdoor Fountain

As Gardner explains, an outdoor fountain is not just visually beautiful, “It’s also a form of sound therapy — cascading water is more pleasant to the ears than most noise a city can make.”

A backyard fountain is a great option for homes that pick up traffic noise or yards in the vicinity of noisy neighbors. There are multiple styles and sizes available at Lawns of Dallas.

Plant a Tree

From the unassuming beauty of a Japanese Maple, to large-scale Cedars, and Nellie Stevens Holly, trees provide a shady oasis for your front and back yards.

Trees are kid-friendly too. For a good climbing tree, Gardner recommends a North Texas staple: the Magnolia tree. For shade, a good option is the fast-growing Savannah Holly.

Create a Garden

A great approach to outdoor gardening in the sometimes inhospitable terrain of Texas is to build a raised bed: a garden that fits into a boxed-in space above the ground.

Raised beds can be anything from a simple wooden frame to a sleek steel bed installed by Lawns of Dallas. Have lousy soil? Lawns of Dallas’ agronomy experts can recommend soil to give your chosen crops a nutritious habitat.

Put Down Some Artificial Turf

Lawns of Dallas’ team of designers have been busy designing landscapes with artificial grass for all sizes of yard. “One of our most popular sellers is Astroturf,” explains Gardner. “Whether it’s for a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor presentation or a fun backyard tennis court, we’ve even helped install a number of backyard putting greens.”

Indeed, backyard putting greens are an emerging trend we’ve seen here in DFW and across the nation as the coronavirus has driven outdoor leisure activities to the backyard.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Landscaping lighting can really bring a front or back yard to life. Not only does lighting create a new visual aesthetic for your outdoor space, it encourages you to socialize outside more often. This is another area where design specialists at Lawns of Dallas can add value, recommending levels of lighting depending on your taste, and the right plan to cover just the area you have in mind.

Invest in an Outdoor Cooking Setup

As is the case with an outdoor lighting project, an outdoor cooking project makes for a fun project at the outset. It gives you a brand new use of your space and becomes an ongoing incentive to spend time in the yard.

Outdoor cooking offers endless opportunity for entertaining company, too. Whether installing a small grill, the classic Big Green Egg, or an elaborate outdoor kitchen, Lawns of Dallas can walk you through the option that’s best for your family and available outdoor space.

With these ideas, you’ll find the inspiration to work on your yard and spend more time there. Even if you have just a handful of ideas you’re interested in exploring, the team at Lawns of Dallas can guide you to the right decision and help you implement it.


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