Magical Stone-Embellished Tudor in Hollywood Heights is a Historic Dream

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This is one of the loveliest stone-embellished Tudor homes in Hollywood Heights.

I’m uniquely qualified to make that judgment because I’ve lived here for many years. I’ve written the neighborhood’s home tour brochure probably ten times, and I walk my two dogs all over the neighborhood each night. We three don’t miss a beat when it comes to what’s happening in the ‘hood.

So imagine my jaw-drop when I saw a “Coming Soon” sign go up on one of my all-time favorite homes a few days ago.

Allie Beth Allman’s Joe Kacynski is the listing agent and also my neighbor, so he’s used to my late-night gasping phone calls about his latest listings. I know how much the owners love this house. I figured they would be here forever — well, I hoped they would be because they are lovely and have done so much to this 1931 stone-embellished Tudor.

stone-embellished Tudor

When I interviewed Kerri Bohan and her husband James for our 2019 home tour brochure, I got the inside skinny about why this home was destined for them.

stone-embellished Tudor

It was fate that Kerri would live in Hollywood Heights.

“I grew up riding my bike with my friends in the neighborhood, Kerri said.  “We rode right by this house all the time, and I always knew this neighborhood was where I wanted to live.”

stone-embellished Tudor
stone-embellished Tudor
stone-embellished Tudor

As a teacher at Lakewood Elementary for years, Kerri had strong connections to the neighborhood. “One of my former student’s parents was the realtor for the house,” Kerri said. “A Lakewood friend was my realtor. We saw an ad for the house, and it happened to be open. We called, raced over, barely made it before the Open House ended, and immediately put in an offer. It was truly kismet.”

This home has always been a neighborhood gem, with the coveted leaded and stained glass windows, archways, and a Batchelder-style fireplace. One of the few things we lack in Hollywood Heights is garages. Most of them fell down long ago, or the original garages are so small today’s SUVs won’t fit inside.

stone-embellished Tudor

That was the challenge with this home. The solution involved attaching the garage to the house, adding a room above it, and extending a patio from the back of the garage to the screened porch. 

More kismet was involved when the original flagstone for the new addition was unearthed from the backyard during construction of the garage. Builders often just buried what was left rather than haul it off in the 1930s. Everything fell into place, and the result is magnificent.

As I said, I know how much work and love went into this house and the addition. When I called Kerri to find out why they were selling their forever home, I should have known. It’s why real estate is on fire now. 

stone-embellished Tudor

“When we bought in Hollywood Heights, it was with the view of this being our forever home,” Kerri said.  “The choices we made reflect that because we did not plan on moving.”

However, the Bohans spend all of their spare time at a family cabin in Colorado. When the concept of working remotely became a reality, they realized their long-range timeline of eventually living in Colorado could be moved forward — by decades. 

stone-embellished Tudor

I always ask homeowners what they want people to know that’s not  something you’d easily understand from photos.  

stone-embellished Tudor

“The house is extremely versatile,” Kerri said. “The way it’s laid out offers so many ways to use the space, and for any stage of life. We have used the front bedroom for our parents because the bedroom and study both open onto the screened porch, creating a large guest suite. You can have a playroom or another home office. It’s so flexible.”

stone-embellished Tudor

I’ve always been impressed that the Bohans maximized every bit of the outdoor space. The private backyard pool area is a dream, but I can attest the outdoor porches are used constantly.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever find a house with a porch like this,” Kerri told me. “We use it all year long. It’s been great with a toddler to contain him, but still, be outside!” 

stone-embellished Tudor

What is also impossible to express in photos is the feel of a home. Although this stone-embellished Tudor has had all the great updates you’d expect — and that wonderful addition — the front rooms of the house have remained remarkably untouched. Even the show-stopping living room has been painted the same color it was in the 1930s.  

“In the evenings and mornings, there is something about the way the light comes through the window,” Kerri said. “ It  feels as if you’ve been transported to another time. It’s magical.”

stone-embellished Tudor

Kacynski has this 3,550-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom magical stone-embellished Tudor at 930 Valencia Street listed for $989,000.

Don’t wait around. This is one of those rare homes that is completely move-in ready. I expect to see the sold sign by the weekend.


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