Here’s How to Make Sure Your Roof Can Weather The Coming Storms

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Between summer storms and the approaching tornado season, your roof can take a beating this time of year.

The roof is one of the major expenses in a house, so if you’re buying a home in North Texas, you’ll want to look out for storm damage. Hail, branches banging against the roof, high winds, and other debris blown around in a storm can compromise the roof and allow water to leak in, which can cause major damage inside.

Here’s a photo of some pretty serious damage – this roof would need to be replaced.

This roof has sustained a lot of damage and needs to be replaced.

For hail damage, you’d see this type of patterned markings on the roof. After a storm, an insurance adjuster will come out and measure a “test square.” If there are sufficient marks within the square, they’ll replace the roof.

After a hail storm, your roof might need replacing if it looks like this.

Just because a roof is new doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be inspected. Our Inspector found penetrations and improper installation that would almost certainly sustain damage in a storm.

In this video, Inspector John walks a roof that is at the end of its life expectancy to give you an idea what indications you might see.

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