The Best Big Kid Pool Toys for Summer 2020

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Pool toys

The first day of summer may not officially begin until June 21, but this is Texas — Pool season begins on Memorial Day around here. We scoured the Internet to find some of the best, craziest, most innovative, and yes, most expensive pool toys of 2020.

Some of the pool toys we found are seriously huge, but that’s not a problem here in Texas where homes can have pools the size you’d find at a country club. Remember, Dallas has a house with a waterpark in the backyard, and Houston is home to the largest residential pool in Texas.

Pool toys
The largest residential pool in Texas.


This is the AquaNinja made by aquatic climbing company AquaClimb. If tough workouts are your jam or you’re getting in shape to compete on the reality TV show “American Ninja Warrior,” you need this, and you need to know pricing starts just north of $24K.

Warrior play, just add water! The AquaNinja turns your visitors into ninja warriors, traversing above the pool on 20 feet of net. A new spin on climbing, the AquaNinja challenges the inner warrior in kids, teens, and adults alike.

AquaZip’ N

This one has captured my fancy, if not my wallet. It’s $14,500.

The AquaZip’N is an exhilarating poolside attraction, combining the thrill of an adventure zip line with rope swinging. Participants of every age launch into the pool with a big splash!

Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall

Pool toys

The Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall is the ticket for non-stop summer fun, not to mention a terrific way to keep in shape! These babies start at over $7,000. The walls are modular, you can customize height and width, and you don’t need a depth of more than five feet. If I had plenty of dough, and a big darned pool, this would be headed my way right now.

Funboy Cabana Dayclub

Pool toys

Not so much a pool toy as a pool club, the Cabana Dayclub by Funboy is a 10-foot long by 8-foot wide float with four seats, cupholders, cooler, and removable sunshade. Priced at $369, it was featured in House Beautiful and just a couple of weeks ago. But their readers didn’t leave us any because it’s sold out for the summer 2020 season. If you are a serious pool toy lover, get on the wait list for spring 2021 or keep an eye on Frontgate, who also sells it.

Bali Cabana Lounger

Console yourself with this cabana lounger. It’s great and at $199, you don’t have to take out a loan. The curved design provides ergonomic neck and back support for multiple people. Designed with integrated cup holders, it’s all about fun!

Yacht Float

As soon as Candy sees this, she’s going to want one. This is the Funboy Yacht Float. There is no need to paddle to the side of the pool for ice because this yacht comes with a double reinforced cooler to keep the champagne cool! Find it at Frontgate for $134 or directly on Funboy’s website for $99.

Go Pong Floating Beer Pong Table

Pool toys

Yes, now you can enjoy your favorite college drinking game in the pool! The GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table runs $35 on Amazon, where it’s highly rated. There are plenty of versions available as this is one popular pool toy.

Intex Inflat-A-Bull

Combine bullriding and water and that’s impossible to beat. As their advertising copy says, “hours of challenging wet fun.” Runs $100 on Amazon.

Big Mouth, Inc. Giant Cactus Pool Float

Pool toys

Nothing says Texas like a giant cactus pool float am I right? Only $21, it’s over five feet long and seen in celebrity pools everywhere!

Log Flume Joust Set

Sometimes you don’t want to float. You’ve played beer pong and now your itching for a competition. A joust will do nicely like this Swimline Log Flume Joust Set, priced at $60.

Watermelon Ball

Pool toys

Since we’ve moved into the competition phase of pool toys, the Watermelon Ball is optimal for dive games. You can dribble, kick, bounce, and pass this $25 ball underwater—and it stays under water!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tail

If you want to look the part and be the most innovatively dressed at the pool party, this should be your go-to accessory. Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid or a merman? Runs $90 and comes in a variety of colors.

Loftek Floating Pool Lights

Last but certainly not least, your pool deserves some decor. These Loftek LED floating pool lights are perfect for those evening pool parties. Come in a variety of sizes, starting at 3-inch for $12 up to 24-inch for $240.


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