This Historic Italianate Craftsman is a Rare Highland Park Luxury Lease

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Italianate Craftsman

Properties like this historic Italianate Craftsman on Miramar Avenue rarely come up for sale, much less for lease. However, the present owners are not quite ready to let this beautiful lady go, and I can see why.

She was built in 1920 for Mr. Gibson, a Waco cotton merchant who sadly died before he could move in. His three daughters, called the Gibson girls, did move in and had quite the social life. It’s a mystery why they never married as they are all over the Dallas Morning News archives throwing tea parties and dances.

Italianate Craftsman

I like to think they were just wildly independent women apropos of their name. Gibson Girls was a name given to young women of their era. It represented a new generation of well-educated, talented, independent, socially active women. Remember, this generation paved the way for flappers.

When they were not partying, the Gibson sisters taught etiquette out of this Highland Park home. They all lived here for fifty years until they were no longer able to manage the 5,916-square-foot home.

Italianate Craftsman
Italianate Craftsman
Victorian Craftsman

The house was then sold to Joe and Carla Nix around 1973, who also had three children. If you’ve been around Dallas long, you may remember Carla was an interior designer and a buyer for the fabulous Lady Primrose Antiques.

Fast forward to the third and present owner. Guess what? They have three daughters. These lovely ladies, however, did get married but stayed in the sizable guest house as they grew independent. Who could ask for anything more? Rent-free place on mom and dad’s property? Sign me up, please!

Italianate Craftsman

So, only three families, each with three children, have ever lived in this home. That is astonishing for a 100-year old house. But then again, look at her! She is drop-dead gorgeous. This Italianate Craftsman looks like one of the homes you’d find on Swiss Avenue, but it’s smack dab in the middle of Highland Park. In fact, as far as location goes, it’s the best in town.

If you’re moving to Dallas and looking for a home to lease — not a house, but a home — you’ve hit the jackpot with this home. It has history, beauty, character, texture, and it’s only a few blocks from every darned thing you need.

The back entrance to the Dallas Country Club is a block away. Walk a few yards in the other direction to Lakeside Park. Cross the park and walk up three blocks to Royal Blue Grocery and all the goodies in Highland Park Village. If you want to bike to dinner at Al Biernat’s, you can wave to Al Hill and Jerry Jones on your way because this, my dears, is their neighborhood. You are in stellar company.

I’m warning you now. This Italianate Craftsman has already generated plenty of interest. Movers and shakers, including an out-of-state politician, are sending love notes to this lady. No, I’m not telling you who is looking. I will tell you it’s proof everyone is moving to Dallas as fast as they can.

So, if you want her, then you better put a ring on her, or that is ring up Compass listing agent Therese Rourk. She has this Italianate Craftsman at 4001 Miramar Avenue, listed for only $24,000 a month, and you can bring your pet!

There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement, and that enormous guest house out back, as well as a spa and pool. Of course, there is a three-car garage, because that seems to be the lucky number here. This is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

If you take very good care of this girl, maybe you can convince the owners, one day, to let you keep her!

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