Police Make 5 Arrests In Connection With Driveway Murder of Leslie Baker

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CBS 11 reporter JD Miles tweeted about 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 27, that his sources confirm Dallas Police have made five arrests connected to Monday’s murder of Leslie Baker in Preston Royal. Baker was the Director of Marketing at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery in Plano.

It’s not clear, says Miles, how many of those arrested are being charged with murder. The five were apparently apprehended while attempting to highjack a Mercedes in Richardson. They were arrested, he said, on Deerwood, a street in South Dallas.

Baker was shot in the driver’s seat of her car just outside her home in the 6100 block of Royalton on Memorial Day at about 5 p.m. Neighbors heard the shots — nine total — and recorded several street videos of cars which they have been providing to police. When I called the detective investigating the case, Det. Montenegro, he told me he had had more than 100 calls Tuesday from neighbors trying to help.

I called to alert him to a story we ran four years ago, concerning gunshots fired on the same street, in the same location, against three morning joggers in January 2016.

It turns out, I learned from one of Leslie’s friends, she was one of the joggers.


Candy Evans

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  1. Steve says

    Have they provided a description of any of the 5 arrested? It might be helpful to know who to look out for.

  2. M. Appleton says

    I wonder if anyone from this group of juveniles was part of the group that were arrested when they tried to run from police and were caught leaving a stolen car at St. Marks. I think that happened last year?

  3. Steve says

    The reason I ask about a description is because quite often the accessories to the murder end up back on the street in short order. Also the fact that there are 5 of them and that they were immediately out attempting to carjack someone else speaks to the fact that this may be a larger ring of people than just 5. Perhaps they all wore a same colored accessory, like a bandana, or dressed in a similar manner? Or perhaps they had a very distinct behavior pattern they exhibited before they committed the murder (like casing the area)? For those of us that live in the area and are worried about being a victim of something similar deserve to know a little about this.

    On a final note; Mrs Baker is the victim here, and she’s gone way too soon. The perpetrators of this horrendous act are not victims in any way and do not deserve to be protected. Political correctness has a time and a place, this is not it.

  4. Rawlins Gilliland says

    This story hurts my heart as Lesley was beloved by many people I know & love.

    PS: Deerwood street is wayyyy across town for ‘south Dallss’ which is south of downtown. It is in southwest Dallas, west of Oak Cliff. Between Oak Cliff & Duncanville. That’s hardly the issue here but knowing Dallas should not be an ongoing learning curve. In this case it’s on an opposite side of the city. Like saying Harry Hines & Royal in in Preston Royal.

  5. shane1111 says

    So they won’t release the name of a 16 year old charged with capital murder, but have no problem identifying 18 year olds accused of simple misdemeanors. Ridiculous what the world is coming to!!!

  6. John says

    Is there a photo of the suspects vehicle? The suspects vehicle description in one of the news stories sounded a lot like an incident that happened at my house. A light grey sedan was involved in stealing two of my parents cars.

    • Steve says

      The vehicle appears to be a silver late-model Nissan Altima. Very nondescript looking. No tint or anything to make it stand out in a crowd.

  7. Clay says

    The police said it was a light colored Nissan Sentra. It looked longer (like a bigger car) in the photo they provided but that’s because it was moving.

    I’d like to know if this group is associated with the car jacking that occurred on Preston Road, April 2019. The lady homeowner pulled into her Preston facing driveway, left car running and went inside for one minute to drop off some food, and returned to find a kid stealing her SUV in broad daylight. I still have pics on my phone from her security camera shots – they looked like young Hispanic guys, or maybe Honduras.

  8. Bala Menon says

    Doesn’t it seem strange that Leslie Baker was part of a group of women who were shot at in front of her house seemingly at random five years ago. This being totally random seems difficult to believe.

  9. Marc R. says

    It would help greatly to know detailed descriptions of suspects. I can’t stand it when the news in print or on tv say simply “a male”. The more details the better. Why do I need to know? I need to know if I see these suspects out on a train or walking up to me at a stop sign or train station. DETAILS.

  10. Cathy says

    Why was she shot? Why did he feel he had to shoot her? I am hearing it was an attemped carjacking. What stopped him from taking her car and letting her live. Horrible and I feel so bad for her family.

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