Gathering Around the Fireplace Is a Gift This Buyer Wanted to Give One Special Family

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The world definitely needs more feel-good stories these days. Today’s comes to us from Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate agent Marti Voorheis.

Back on Sunday, March 22, Voorheis got a call from her friend Missy who was driving by a house her father had taken an interest in, a Sparkman Estates home on Regent Drive.

“She started the conversation by letting me know her family had a history with this particular home,” Voorheis recalls. “At this point in late March, I knew that showings were coming to a halt so I was already planning to go to Regent and shoot a video walkthrough. I told Missy she could swing by while I was there.”

Marti’s friend was thankful and excited to see the Northwest Dallas home that her dad was so interested to see. As it turned out, the Regent Drive home was where he grew up, and eventually went on to take his own young family back to spend Christmases together with his parents. 

Arriving a few minutes before her father, Missy walked in and was nearly overcome with emotions thinking about holidays spent hanging their stockings on the mantle. As Missy and Marti toured the rest of the home, she shared memories from each room. 

“My family had a lot of special moments in the house,” Missy says. “When my dad and I found out it was on the market, he decided he wanted it back in our family. He was ready to purchase it on the spot.”

But the three bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home wasn’t a full-time homestead for him. Missy told Marti he was purchasing the home for his housekeeper to live in. At Christmas time though, Missy and her father planned to share their holiday tradition with the housekeeper’s family and host a gathering with both extended families so everyone could gather around the fireplace they loved so much. 

Marti worked quickly as both buyer and seller agent to complete the transaction in just four days. The whole deal was done virtually and closed by March 26, the buyer’s birthday.

“I’ve been a part of a lot of special stories in my real estate career, but this one really stands out,” Voorheis says. “These are really challenging times, but the simplicity of the transaction along with the sentiment behind it, has made a lot of people smile when I tell them the story. And we all need reasons to smile these days.” 

Check out Marti’s video walkthrough of the Sparkman Estates home.

Posted by Marti Foor Voorheis on Sunday, March 22, 2020

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