Historic Sawyer Building in Fort Worth’s Near Southside is up For Sale

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The Sawyer Grocery Building was constructed in 1909. Courtesy Photo/OldBuilding.com

The historic Sawyer Building in Fort Worth’s Near Southside is up for sale with a price tag of $4.1 million — dropping by $600,000 since the building was first listed in July.

The building was constructed by Henry E. Sawyer in 1909 after the great South Side fire burnt down the original building. It was where Sawyer had both operated his grocery store and lived in since 1888. He continued to operate the building as a grocery store until 1920 before he moved out and began to operate it as a furnished hotel throughout the decade.

Old Building, a local developer, renovated the 19,000-square-foot building in 2005. The bottom floor was converted into office and commercial retail space, while the top floor was converted into multifamily residential housing.

Old Building is a firm dedicated to preserving historic buildings in Fort Worth’s Southside for adaptive reuse. The developers have also renovated the Markeen Apartments, the Miller Lofts, and the Supreme Golf Warehouse. The company also re-developed the Leuda-May Historic District and the La Salle Apartments Complex.

The apartment units still have the original hardwood floors, wooden cabinets, large open windows and claw-footed bathtubs.
Courtesy photo/OldBuildings.com
Courtesy Photo/OldBuildings.com

The 14 apartment units in the Sawyer Building, which range from 398 square feet to 992 square feet, still have the original hardwood floors, wooden cabinets, large open windows, and claw-footed bathtubs.

Located at the corner of South Main Street and Daggett Street, the sale includes both 201 and 205 South Main Street. The building is located just one block from Interstate 30 and Interstate 35.

The building can be subdivided. Up to 5,236 square feet of lease space is immediately available.

For more information on the building, contact Jennifer Franke at Alexander Chandler Realty.

The Dickson-Jenkins Lofts and Plaza in the Near Southside are also listed under Franke for $299,000. The 2,328-square-foot building is located at 120 St. Louis Avenue, Suite 132.


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