Kristen Dowd of Gypsy Soul Interiors Is As Kind As She Is Talented

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Kristen Dowd is an artist by way of the financial world and she’s super Southern, has the most charming accent, and her arrival in Dallas is just as interesting as her arrival as a full-time artist. And we’ll totally cover both, but first, let’s talk about this art.

Dowd’s works are bright and abstract and modern and full of life. She describes her artwork as fluid because every piece is representative of her emotions at that time.

“Sometimes I use all those bright colors because that’s what I’m feeling inside and sometimes I use them because I need a boost,” Dowd said.

Art is therapy for Dowd and a healthy outlet. It took her several years and a really incredible career path, but she’s finally in a place where she’s doing art full time and commission-only to boot. That means if you need an extra special, one-of-a-kind piece for an extra special place in your home, reach out. She’ll be more than happy to create something just for you.

Now if you love her style and have seen something she’s already painted that you love, well, you’re in luck, too. She recently partnered with CanvasKick, a local art reproduction studio and one that Dowd greatly admires. They treat artists incredibly well and “they make the highest quality giclée reproductions.” It’s a great way to own some of Dowd’s favorite pieces at a great price point.

Now let’s get back to that fascinating path. Like we said, Dowd started in the financial world, which isn’t super unusual for her family. They were all artistic, had other careers and created art on the side.

Dowd originally landed in Texas for college then she and her husband left as they both followed their careers across the country. When she finally returned, she settled in Dallas, had her first child and decided it was time to move on from the financial world.

She started doing interior design under the name Gypsy Soul Interiors and also sold vintage furniture online and through a booth at White Elephant. She became entrenched in the design community and developed quite a following on Instagram. She’s always painted and as she started posting some of her art, that same design crowd took notice.

Scout Design the first place to sell her art exclusively and she eventually moved over to Maestri Gallery. This is where we have to call out how incredibly gracious and humble Dowd is. She’s obviously extremely talented, but takes the time to call out her indebtedness to Maestri saying he’s one of the most genuinely kind, “full of integrity” men in the whole city.

Dowd has a pretty impressive career path and no doubt it takes someone very special with tremendous dedication and talent to go from the financial world to interior design and artist only. But that’s one more thing that’s incredible about her. She’s the ultimate cheerleader and the first to tell everyone they can do it, too. She’s a firm believer in finding non-traditional careers and if you need a little one-on-one inspiration, we’re sure she’d offer it. Like we said, Southern and gracious to her core.

If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, contact Kristen Dowd at


Nikki Barringer

Nikki Lott Barringer is a licensed real estate agent at Ebby Halliday/Preston-Keller. She’s also a freelance writer that loves interior design and architecture. Though she will never remember if it’s Midcentury or mid-century and honestly, she’s okay with that. Other fun facts: Nikki loves cake for breakfast, shopping online and powerwalking her pants off. She’s also much younger than her hobbies would lead you to believe.

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