How To Stand Out Without Even Trying: 6465 Aberdeen

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The renovation to end all renovations: 6465 Aberdeen.

Some stories are best told in pictures and 6465 Aberdeen is definitely one of those stories. But it reads like a fairy tale.

We’ll sprinkle before and after pictures throughout because you just have to see it to believe it. And if you get the chance, go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. Seriously, Aberdeen is that good.

First thought you have, because we all had it is, “HOW ON EARTH IS THIS THE SAME HOUSE?” The answer is the current owners. They had a vision and impeccable taste and the patience of saints.

From start to finish, the remodel of their dream home took fifteen months and as you can see, it was worth the wait. What a stunner and a dream listing for any agent and Compass’ Christy Berry was lucky enough to land this one.

When Berry speaks of Aberdeen it’s with an incredible amount of knowledge and attention to detail. She knows this property and knows every inch of what makes it special. In today’s market that knowledge is huge.

The owners put so much thought into every decision and Berry honors that by understanding the motivation behind each even if often times the motivation is clearly explained by the gorgeous outcome.

“They added the entire second wing and everything above the garage.” That explains the dramatic exterior transformation – at least the part that’s visible here. Let’s not forget that in the beginning the backyard only offered a pool. The current owners rounded out their green space with a sport court and a putting green. It’s perfect for every athleisurely type because again, that sparkling pool is always waiting.

The outdoor living area is rustic, modern, cozy and inviting and just a hint of the incredible tile and finish outs you’re about to see on the inside.

In the master you’ll find a His & Her situation, which is gaining in popularity, but you’ll also find one detail that isn’t as common. “There’s an entrance out of his closet to the main house so whoever gets up first won’t disturb the other.”

The privacy considerations are all over Aberdeen as Berry explains that every room has its own bathroom, but there’s a powder room on each floor for guests.

Speaking of guests, if you’re entertaining upstairs there’s no reason to run downstairs to mix up another Tom Collins, there’s a fully stocked wet bar attached to the media room.

Handpicked tile creates a cool custom staircase.

In each of these photos the thing that stands out the most is the handpicked tile. It’s the heart of the home and drives the style. It was also personally selected by the owners.

Berry explained they selected every detail themselves and as for their style, it’s fluid, they just know what they like and do it. Italian marble straight from the source? Of course. Mixed with antique doors the owners found themselves? YES and the results are something really special.

How do we know they picked it all themselves? Because Berry told us so. When we asked if they had any help, she said none whatsoever. They just happen to have the gift of creating a space that is as unique as it is timeless.

This remodel of all remodels is currently listed by Christy Berry of Compass at $2.65 million. It’s 7,272 square foot, has five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, three half-baths and it sits on top of one of the larger lots in Preston Hollow.

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