Mortgage Expert Hayden Hodges Makes the Move to US Bank

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator at U.S. Bank

Alert the press (already did), Hayden Hodges has moved.

Formerly with Cornerstone Mortgage, Benchmark Bank and most recently, Caliber Mortgage, Hodges is now with US Bank.

Wait, they bank here in Texas? As a matter of fact, they do. They’re moving into Texas and starting with mortgage lending. Hodges was hired to build the team and continue to offer the high-quality service he’s become known for.

With a background that includes a law degree from SMU and several years on Capitol Hill before the major life change-slash-career switch, Hodges brings something special to each transaction – a key understanding of the process from way back before it ever reaches the consumer. He served as counsel to big banks so he has an intimate knowledge of the entire lending industry. Oddly enough, he’s avoided big banks for years so why the switch and why now?

Hodges always worked for smaller lending institutions because his passion is service. He believes very strongly in building a relationship with his clients and as often as he can, he attends every closing.

So how does that level of dedication line up with US Bank? Simple. They believe in the same things. Hodges was incredibly impressed with their integrity and the way they do business.

With US Bank he really feels he’s found the whole package – the ability to create relationships and offer the compelling interest rates that are often associated with big banks. Why? Banks have the money, honey and by volume alone can typically offer better interest rates.

He’s also excited about the products he’s able to offer clients with US Bank behind him, everything from lot loans to new construction to construction to perm. And US Bank offers one-time closing, too. “Hallelujah,” said your hands after hearing of the reduced paperwork.

US Bank currently has two offices in the Metroplex – one in Park Cities and one in Frisco.