Deadline For Dallas Water Wise Landscape Tour Submissions is Aug. 9

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Back at the turn of the millennium, the City of Dallas adopted our time-of-day watering restrictions in an effort to curb the incredible amount of water that irrigates Dallas lawns and landscapes. Since 2001, through education and smart watering restrictions, Dallas has conserved 398 billion gallons of water, cutting gallons per capita per day consumption by 30 percent. However, there’s still room for improvement, and the 25th annual City of Dallas Water Utilities Water Wise Landscape Tour is just the kind of inspiration we need to make better choices for our homes and Dallas’ future. 

Conserving water by smart landscaping has come a long day since the era of gravel, yucca, and cactus. Not all water-wise landscapes have to look like a desert! Do you have a landscape that looks incredible without requiring a big gulp of water when the temperatures climb? Have you installed rainwater recapture systems to keep your grass green without draining Lake Lavon? Want to show it off? Find out how to submit your home for the 25th annual Water Wise Landscape Tour now. The deadline to submit is Aug. 9!

The annual Waterwise Landscape and Community Garden Tour is open to all landscapes of Dallas Water Utilities customers. This 25th anniversary tour is hosted by Dallas Water Utilities and Dallas Environmental Quality and Sustainability on October 26, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The tour will feature water wise and drought-resistant landscapes (backyard landscapes may be included at the discretion of the homeowner). All entrants must agree that their landscapes be photographed and recorded for publicity and educational purposes.

Homes will be judged on:

Water Conservation: Efficient irrigation/water use; use of non-vegetative materials such as fences, walls, walks, etc.; use of native or adaptive plants; reduced turf area; and use of mulches

Bonus points for:
Drip irrigation
Irrigation system inspection through City of Dallas Water Conservation Division
Onsite composting
Rain barrel(s)

Design and Maintenance: Aesthetic appeal; composition; use of color and plant variety, disease and pest free plants; no weeds; plants pruned as appropriate. 

Bonus points for:
Innovative plantings and/or container garden(s)
Edibles or foodscapes 

Special Focus Gardening: pollinator-friendly plants (nectar and host) and use of native grasses

Ready to enter?

Submit your water-wise landscape by Aug. 9 here.

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