Jennifer Riley Rice Joins Heather Guild Group at Compass

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Jenn Riley Rice is joining the Heather Guild Group at Compass Real Estate.

According to Rice, the technology offered by Compass should streamline her job and allow her to spend more time with her clients.  She also already knew several members of the Heather Guild Group team and was really inspired by their dedication to both their clients and the East Dallas community.

“These women are actively involved in their neighborhood schools and community, as am I, so it feels like a perfect fit,” she said. “I can see and appreciate how supportive they are of one another, which can be a rare thing to observe.”

Rice is a lifelong Texan who moved to North Texas when she was 11. She’s spent the past two decades in East Dallas, which is also where she has the majority (though certainly not all) of her business.

“What I love most about East Dallas is all of the interesting people that create our tight-knit community,” she said.

Before going into real estate a little more than five years ago, Rice worked in the fashion industry. She worked as a clothing designer, visual merchandiser, and as both a sales and operations manager at luxury boutiques and stores. Rice then began managing stores and traveling around the country to train managers at other locations. She loved the job, but eventually became exhausted of the traveling while having two small children at home, and sought out a change. However, many of the skills she utilized in fashion and merchandising are also useful in real estate.

“I love helping my clients by prepping their homes for sale through staging. It is one of my favorite things to do, as well as one of the more important tasks in listing a home for sale,” she said. “I’m excited that I can now offer complimentary staging to my clients through the Heather Guild Group.”

Rice has long been a lover of Midcentury Modern homes. Her husband Joshua Rice owns his own design firm.  When the couple got married, they found midcentury home in Old Lake Highlands and remodeled it themselves. Before long friends were asking her to help on finding their own homes and ways to remodel them.  At that point, becoming a real estate professional seemed like a natural move.

“I enjoy meeting and working with so many interesting people. Everyone has a unique story that fascinates me,” Rice said.  “Working in the same community in which you live is especially rewarding. I often have the opportunity to help improve my clients’ lives.”

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