Heather Guild Group Moves to Compass

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The Heather Guild Group joined Compass Real Estate the day before Thanksgiving. (Front L-R: Haley Wagstaff, Valerie Caddell; Back: Kelly Taylor, Heather Guild, Amy Sack)

The Heather Guild Group has moved to Compass Real Estate. Guild said the decision was made after a careful evaluation of what kind of company they felt had the best tools and resources to help them serve their clients.

“We really felt Compass was a good blend of the time-tested agent/client relationship model of real estate, combined with the innovative technology that our clients have come to expect in every other aspect of their lives,” Guild said. “We are excited to have joined a real estate brokerage that is not only on pace with current technology but really has a vision for where real estate services are going.”

Guild and her team primarily focus on residential properties in Lakewood, Lake Highlands, and other East Dallas neighborhoods. She, as well as the other agents on her team (Valerie Caddell, Haley Wagstaff, Amy Sack and Kelli Taylor), are all working moms with children in East Dallas public schools. This gives them a lot in common with many clients who are looking for great homes and schools in the heart of the city.

“One of the things we really focus on is community involvement and giving back to our neighborhood schools,” Guild said. “Between our team members, we have 10 children at six of the local schools.  This extensive knowledge and resource base provides a unique advantage to our clients.”

A native of Kentucky who came to Dallas by way of Oklahoma City University, Guild has worked in Dallas real estate for 15 years. When she began her career, she worked with many attorneys who were based downtown and wanted to live near work. This allowed her to discover East Dallas, an area she has come to love. Guild still marvels at all of the area’s trees, trails, hills, and other outdoor amenities near White Rock Lake and beyond.

“As someone who grew up in the country, I think it’s the perfect blend of small town atmosphere and metropolitan city amenities,” Guild said.

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