Know Your Candidates, District 14: Kingston, Blewett Answer Questionnaire

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Whether it’s city or school board candidates, politics play a big part in the health of Dallas — and therefore the health of the real estate market.

After the May 4 election, there were six races (five city and one Dallas ISD school board race) where none of the candidates reached the 50 percent threshold required to win outright, kicking off an extended election season that will culminate with a runoff election on June 8.

One such race was in District 14 race, where David Blewett blew past incumbent Philip Kingston in early voting and ended up with 47.63 percent of the vote to Kingston’s 40.38 percent by the end of the night.

We solicited questions from readers and voters to craft a comprehensive questionnaire for each individual race. Both Kingston and Blewett have answered our questionnaire, and some of their responses follow. Their full responses are at the end of this story.

Early voting begins May 28 and continues through June 4. For exact times and locations, click here.

Kingston by Bethany Erickson on Scribd

Blewett by Bethany Erickson on Scribd

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Bethany Erickson

Bethany Erickson lives in a 1961 Fox and Jacobs home with her husband, a second-grader, and Conrad Bain the dog. If she won the lottery, she'd by an E. Faye Jones home. She's taken home a few awards for her writing, including a Gold award for Best Series at the 2018 National Association of Real Estate Editors journalism awards, a 2018 Hugh Aynesworth Award for Editorial Opinion from the Dallas Press Club, and a 2019 award from NAREE for a piece linking Medicaid expansion with housing insecurity. She is a member of the Online News Association, the Education Writers Association, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and the Society of Professional Journalists. She doesn't like lima beans or the word moist.

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  1. Dallas Resident says

    Ok, all that said about Ethics and Kingston goes ahead and votes on Ancillary structures in backyards when he has one pending approval of his own! He then does not pay the City back for months on salary he owed the City back and not until the DMN starts running articles on it! He has outwardly told folks in the housing industry he does not “give a Sh*t” if one more new home is built in his “neighborhood”! Him and his wife are the self annointed neighborhood watchdogs in the Belmont Conservation District hassling anyone that tries to build or remodel in the neighborhood at times stopping construction on projects already approved at City Hall! He constantly belittles constituents and even fellow council members. Quite frankly he is just a total Ass!

  2. CRITIC says

    Anybody but Kingston
    Very few Kingston signs in his own neighborhood.
    No love in his own neighborhood it seems
    It is time for change

  3. FestinaLente says

    Thank you for providing this information. Some of the answers reveal Kingston’s attitude to be that of a petulant and dismissive individual, rather disinclined towards cooperation, and lacking any modicum of goodwill. His opponent has my family’s vote.

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