And Then There Were Two: Election Day Sets Stage For Mayoral Runoff

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Dallas mayoral candidates Scott Griggs (left) and Eric Johnson (right) will face off in a runoff election in June.

With nine candidates vying to become the next mayor of Dallas, it was a foregone conclusion that there would be a runoff. But that doesn’t mean election night wasn’t without its surprises.

Early on, despite the crowded field, Johnson and Griggs stayed ahead of the field, with Johnson maintaining about 20 percent of the vote, and Griggs hovering between 17 and 18 percent. Mike Ablon and Lynn McBee remained clustered around the 14 percent mark for much of the night, rounding out the top four contenders.

At a watch party, a smiling Johnson told supporters that he and wife Tanika were on their way home to see their children, because tomorrow “starts the first day of the new campaign.”

“We’re in this because we’re not a campaign,” Griggs told supporters. “This is a movement that believes in the city of Dallas, and that’s what has gotten us through.”


Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the night, however, was the District 13 race, which has been contentious ever since former mayor Laura Miller threw her hat in the ring. Many expected a close race, but instead, incumbent Jennifer Staubach Gates handily beat Miller, with almost 66 percent of the vote.

Earlier in the day, Gates stood greeting voters at Walnut Hill Rec Center. “I think it’s going well,” she said. “I feel very supported.”

But then she took a look at her watch. “My stomach is getting a little …” she said, motioning with her hand. “I just looked and saw how close it is to seven.”

Jon Anderson will break down the D13 race, and have more reaction from voters and candidates, on Monday. Throughout the new election cycle, we will take a look at each of the runoff races as well.

Philip Kingston and David Blewett

The other big surprise? The District 14 race, where David Blewett blew past incumbent Philip Kingston in early voting and ended up with 47.63 percent of the vote to Kingston’s 40.38 percent by the end of the night, setting the stage for a runoff election.

Other winners were newcomers Chad West (District 1), Jaime Resendez (District 5), and Cara Mendelsohn (District 12); and incumbents Adam Medrano (District 2), Casey Thomas (District 3), Omar Narvaez (District 6), Tennell Atkins (District 8), Adam McGough (District 10), and Lee Kleinman (District 11).

Carolyn King Arnold and Dawn Blair

In District 4, Carolyn King Arnold, who just won her seat in a special election after Dwaine Caraway resigned, will be heading to a runoff with Dawn Blair. They got 46.23 percent and 22.07 percent of the vote, respectively.

Adam Bazaldua and Tiffinni Young

District 7 is also headed to a runoff, where three candidates — Tiffinni Young, Adam Bazaldua, and Korey Mack all maintained between 19 and 20 percent of the vote all night. In the end, Bazaldua pulled ahead with nearly 23 percent of the vote, and Young with 22.17 percent. Incumbent Kevin Felder was a distant fourth place throughout the night.

Erin Moore and Paula Blackmon

The race for Mark Clayton’s District 9 seat will also be settled in June, with Paula Blackmon getting 36.86 percent of the vote, and Erin Moore getting 31.82 percent.

Two of the three races in for Dallas ISD school board are settled — Maxie Johnson will take the District 5 seat being vacated by Lew Blackburn, and Ben Mackey will take the chair currently occupied by District 7 trustee Audrey Pinkerton. Neither Pinkerton nor Blackburn opted to run this time.

However, District 4 will see a runoff for the seat vacated by Jaime Resendez — Karla Garcia will face Camile White.

Camile White and Karla Garcia


Mayor: Johnson (20.25%) and Griggs (18.50%) RUNOFF

D1 WINNER: Chad West (54.40%)

D2 WINNER: Adam Medrano-i (76.42%)

D3 WINNER: Casey Thomas-i (69.29%)

D4: Arnold-i (46.23%), Blair (22.07%) RUNOFF

D5 WINNER: Jaime Resendez (52.17%)

D6 WINNER: Omar Narvaez-i (59.09%)

D7: Bazaldua (22.97%), Young (22.17%) RUNOFF

D8 WINNER: Tennell Atkins-i (71.02%)

D9: Blackmon (36.86%), Moore (31.82%)

D10 WINNER: Adam McGough-i (77.29%)

D11 WINNER: Lee Kleinman-i (77.70%)

D12 WINNER: Cara Mendelsohn (59.30%)

D13 WINNER: Jennifer Staubach Gates-i (65.95%)

D14: Blewett (47.63%), Kingston-i (40.38%) RUNOFF

DISD D4: Garcia (44.06%), White (34.28%) RUNOFF

DISD D5 WINNER: Maxie Johnson (59.17%)

DISD D7 WINNER: Ben Mackey (60.91%)


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