Richardson ISD Adds Its Bill to Neave’s Property Tax Tab

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NeaveOn the heels of the revelation that Dallas County is suing State Rep. Victoria Neave for more than $26,000 in late property taxes on her Abrams Road home, Richardson ISD has filed documentation that would bring Neave’s total delinquent tax tab to more than $50,000.

The district filed an intervening motion March 1 that added its $23,948.58 to Neave’s previously reported $26,760.73 the county already named in the suit filed on Feb. 28.

The potential for the intervention was mentioned in the original suit, which said, in part, that Richardson would likely also join as a party to the suit, “because it may have a claim for delinquent taxes against all or part of the same property.”

Neave represents District 107, which includes parts of East Dallas and Mesquite.

As with the original petition, Richardson ISD also names her ex-fiance Mark Scott Jr. as a co-defendant. 

Last week, Scott denied he still owned the property, located at 8580 Abrams Road. County property tax records show the last change of deed was recorded in 2011, when Neave and Scott purchased the home. The two likely took advantage of a provision that shields prosecutors and elected officials from being named on publically accessible property records for security reasons.

When contacted about the suit last week, Neave told the media that she was planning to re-list the home as soon as possible. MLS records show that the home has been on the market in 2015 and 2017, each time with the listing expiring before the property was sold. Initially priced at nearly $1.5 million, it was eventually reduced in price over the intervening years to $750,000.

According to state financial documents, Neave’s current steady source of income is her law firm and her state legislative salary. State legislators make $600 per month, plus a per diem of $190 every day the legislature is in session. That equates to $33,800 per year when the lege is in session.

Dallas County property taxes are due January 31 each year. If not paid, the county can assess late fees and file suit against the property owner, who must then pay up or have the home go to auction.

Currently, the non-jury trial is set for 10:05 a.m. on Nov. 26.

Victoria Neave DalCo Suit by Bethany Erickson on Scribd

INTERVENING PLAINTIFF’S ORIGINAL PETITION Richardson ISD v. Neave by Bethany Erickson on Scribd


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  1. renato says

    Ms. Neave would still rank far above average in terms of financial acumen and qualification relative to the recent Dallas City Council with its two bribe takers and four Dallas police & fire pension board members. And the latter four are all still in office and all on the ballot for election this spring. Unbelievable.

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