The One About the $3 Million Home Full of Stairs

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How much would you pay for a 1,300 square foot house full of stairs on a 15 by 86 foot lot? Does uh, nearly $3 million sound about right?

Oh, no? What if I told you it was in Toronto in a really nice neighborhood?

OK, fine. What if I told you that 1,300 square feet was stretched out over four stories, meaning that the house was a lot of stairs? A lot.

I mean, they did put a laundry room at the top and bottom floors, meaning you only have to schlep your whitey-tighties two floors at most, so there’s that.

And you have balconies looking over your apparently super irritated neighbors, according to news reports.

According to the Toronto Star, the property was once an infill house that was a tiny garage, and was later turned into a one-bedroom cottage. About seven years ago, Toronto approved a variance that an architect asked for, who then sold the property to another buyer, who then build this four-story home providing the fodder for this week’s Wednesday WTF.

Here are some stairs.

“This sets a precedent. The next thing you’re going to see is an eight-storey house,” one neighbor said.

“It looks like something that belongs in a trailer park,” another neighbor said.

And some more stairs …

In a report in Canada’s Global News, another neighbor said they knew as the building was going up that they wouldn’t like it.

“We knew by the height of it that it would just be grotesque,” she said.

The seller, Cyril Borovsky calls it a “piece of art.” He also said he tried to make the home as energy efficient as possible, and that it operates mostly on natural gas, and is heated with radiant heating.

Yep … more stairs.

“I really hope that this will be landmark after I’m long and gone,” he said. “I hope they treat it like it’s the Eiffel Tower. It’s something that is new and beautiful part of the neighbourhood.”

The home has been on the market for 111 days.

But what do you think? Would you purchase a four-story tiny home with a $3 million price tag? I mean, if your New Year’s resolution was to take the stairs more often, this house is just about perfect.

Let us know what you think.

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