Taylor Estates Joins Ebby Halliday; Andi Owens to Lead Standard’s Fort Worth Operations


agent migration


In this week’s Agent Migration column, and husband and wife duo makes a big move and an up-and-coming brokerage expands again. Did you make an agent migration? Contact Joshua Baethge.

Taylor Estates Joins Ebby Halliday

agent migrationThe Taylor Estates Group joined the Prosper/Celina office of Ebby Halliday. The husband and wife team of Angela and Tim Taylor made their agent migration from JP & Associates.

“It was a hard decision and we really prayed about it,” Angela Taylor said. “JP & Associates was like family to us, but at the end of the day it’s a business decision and we just felt like this was the best thing for our business.”

They Taylor Group has closed around $25 million in deals since Sept. 2016. Before going into real estate two years ago, Angela worked in ministry for 15 years. Tim earned his license earlier this year so they could work together. According to Angela, he’s the best at handling business and administrative matters while she is the social butterfly who loves to network

“Together we are kind of like a mullet — he’s the front part while I’m the back,” she joked.

The Taylor’s business is primarily focused in the booming Frisco/Celina/Prosper corridor. They plan to add a buyer’s agent in the next couple of months, and may pursue additional expansion next year.

“I grew up in Dallas and love that Ebby has been in Dallas for over 70 years,” Angela said. “We love the class and luxury that comes with that brand and think it will help us take our business to the next level.”

Andi Owens to Lead Standard’s Fort Worth Operations

agent migrationAndi Owens will lead the Standard Real Estate’s new Fort Worth office, which will be located in the South Main area. This will be the Standard’s third location, joining Dallas and Tyler.

Owens has been in real estate for nearly a decade. For the past two years, she has focused primarily on Fort Worth and the surrounding area.

“I enjoy Fort Worth and have really gotten acclimated with the culture here,” she said. “With all the development and growth that’s happening, the smartest thing for us to do was to go ahead and put an office here.”

It’s been an eventful year for Owens. She joined The Standard in May, got married in June, and is in the process of building her own home. Her next order of business will be recruiting more Fort Worth-based agents.

Owens said she would love to find seasoned agents, but will also work with less experienced ones who show potential. As one of the leaders of the Standard’s Agent Mentor Program, she’s helped many agents starting out in the business prepare for career success.

“What we’re really looking for is authenticity- someone who really cares about real estate and their clients,” Owens said. “Genuine people are really what’s at the heart of Fort Worth.”