Craftsmanship and Stewardship Keys to Hedgefield Homes

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Stewardship – “an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.

I bet you didn’t open today’s edition of Tarrant County Tuesday thinking you would find an article on stewardship did you?

Stewardship and craftsmanship are the two core themes behind Fort Worth builder Hedgefield Homes.  Created in 2013, the independently owned company has found a niche in the home building market that isn’t being met.

“We design and build homes for people that will value their home,” said Sommer Carlin, events coordinator of Hedgefield Homes.  “For people who want to stay in their home for a long time.”

Whether it is an inventory single-family home or townhome, a remodel project or a true custom home, the desire of Hedgefield Homes is to bring quality and value in every project.

stewardship at its finest
Hedgefield Homes builds inventory homes, large-scale remodel projects, and true custom homes

“We build homes as if we are going to live there,” stated Carlin.  “If you set out to build a place that inspires, one that is beautiful, durable and useful in the extreme … much more is demanded of you.”

Currently the company has four townhomes (3813 Byers Avenue, 3815 Byers Avenue3721 Harley Avenue, 3723 Harley Avenue) on the market.

All of the available townhomes are just over 1,900 square feet with three bedrooms and two and one half bathrooms.  As with all Hedgefield Homes, Carlin says a goal is to have the utmost natural light and open spaces.

“I was in one of our homes the other day and there weren’t any lights on inside the home, but the entire home was filled with warm, natural light, and that made the house feel like a home,” she said.

Designing and building homes that maximize open spaces and natural light is a key to stewardship for Hedgefield Homes.

Understanding the ever-changing housing and construction market, Hedgefield Homes has managed to diversify themselves as a local builder over the years. The company just completed a multi million-dollar remodel project in Fort Worth.

“We look at every opportunity on a case-by-case basis,” explained Carlin.  “We are not going to be the right company to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, but if we feel we can impact a project on a grander scale, really make the home a better place, then we will take on a variety of remodel projects.”

Whatever the project, every home will come complete with craftsmanship and stewardship — because that’s what Hedgefield Homes is all about.

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Seth Fowler is a licensed Real Estate Sales Professional for Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth.  Statements and opinions are his and his alone.  Seth has been involved with the home sales and real estate industry in the Fort Worth area since 2004.  He and his family have lived in the area for over 15  years.  Seth also loves bowties!  You can reach Seth at: 817.980.6636 or


Seth Fowler

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth. Statements and opinions are his own - no matter how correct. Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004. He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for the past 15 years. You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636. Seth also loves bow ties.

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