The Honor Role: “We the People” — What You Need to Know About Election Day

honor role

(Photo courtesy The Honor Role)

One of Dallas’ newest offerings in learning about public education locally has quickly become one of our favorites —a podcast lead by Leadership ISD alums Bryan Tony (also the director of public policy for TREC Dallas) and Taylor Shead (CEO at STEMuli Education) called “The Honor Role.”

The podcast, which is produced in partnership with Leadership ISD, is produced weekly, and Tony and Shead invite local experts to discuss everything from career-ready students to what the November ballot looks like in terms of public education to the racial history of Dallas and how it impacts education.

And now we’re pleased to open the important conversations that Shead and Tony have to our readers as well. Each week, we’ll be linking you to the latest episode, sharing both the live video and the various ways you can tune in on the go, too.

This week’s episode, “We the People,” found the two hosting Demarcus Offord and Camila Correa Bourdeau in a lively discussion about what ballot measures in November will directly impact Dallas ISD.

We’ve embedded a tease below (and the live broadcast video is on their Facebook page, too), but if you’re looking for something a bit more portable, you can listen on SoundCloud here, or via iTunes here. And don’t neglect following the duo on Facebook and Twitter, either — they produce a lot of supplemental material during the week.

The two will also be on hand on Oct. 16 for LEGEducation, an event hosted by LeadershipISD and designed to help prospective voters get a feel for local educational propositions on the ballot, as well as help voters be prepared to ask candidates smart questions about their stances on public school finance. Interested in attending? Check out the Facebook event here.