New Costco Coming to North Dallas East of Central at Greenville

Now this is interesting: Steve Brown is reporting that Costco is building a SECOND store in North Dallas in the vacant space on Park Lane at Greenville Avenue where the old Sam’s Club used to be until it was closed in 2011. Sam’s opened a store on Northwest Highway at Timber Creek.

This is terrific ness, of course, because I am generally a Costco fan. But a couple things:

One: the city of Dallas gave Costco $3 million two years ago when they opened the store on Coit at Central. Two years ago. Apparently it has been so successful it is now profitable to invest in some pricey land and spend $10 million to open a second store of 133,000 square feet 4.2 miles away without any help from Dallas taxpayers. 

Also, Costco opened it’s 12th North Texas store in Mckinney this July. Clearly, North Texas is bullish on Costco.

Two: where does Steve Brown get that this is near NorthPark mall? This store is clearly east of Central/I75, on Greenville Ave. and in an area loaded with class C and maybe even a few class D apartments, pawn shops, and drugs. It was like that in 2011 and hasn’t changed much. The Dallas Ebola patient stayed in an apartment right down the street. The neighborhood was once called the Heroin Center of Dallas. And the local DART station nearby is notorious for synthetic drug peddling:

Of the 46 DART stations in Dallas, most crime and K2 arrests occur at a handful of stops, including in the central business district and Deep Ellum. 

Other high-crime stations are the Kiest, Park Lane, Bachman and Morrell stops.

My concerns: what will the security be like at this new Costco? Will it help elevate the neighborhood? Will this store carry jewelry?