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Local agent Matt Scobee left Clay Stapp + Co. after five years to start his own brokerage, Iconic Real Estate.  The new firm, which started with an initial team of five agents, is located at 3111 Canton Street on the outskirts of Deep Ellum.

“My vision is for us to be a brand conscious, tech forward, full-service boutique brokerage,” Scobee said. “We want to provide an impeccable experience that really works to nurture relationships, meet the goals of our clients, and then exceed those goals.”

One of the ways Scobee plans to achieve that is by utilizing technology that provides highly evolved and streamlined back-end solutions. He intends to serve clients all over the Dallas areas. His team includes an expert seller with vast experience in the northern suburbs, an architect, and a builder/designer. His wife has also joined in, making it a family venture as well.

“We like to have people who have experience in different aspects of the business,” Scobee said.

Starting his own brokerage has always been one of Scobee’s goals. He began his real estate career at ModTown Realty in 2011, which later became part of Keller Williams before splitting away last year. For the past five years, he has worked for Clay Stapp + Co.

Scobee admitted that it was tough to leave, but felt now was the right time to pursue his next goal.

“I really respect the people who got me to this point: Clay Stapp and Drew Conlon of Modtown Realty,” he said. “I learned a lot from those guys. They are very different people but they both have great things to offer.”

Deciding on a name for his new venture was more difficult than expected. From a marketing standpoint, Scobee decided there were better options than simply naming it after himself. He eventually chose “iconic” because he felt it was something that his team could get behind as representative of what they do every day.

“I really want to have a good team of agents around me,” Scobee said. “Our goal is a relaxed comfortable office culture that doesn’t outgrow itself so that we can truly lean on each other and all share the wealth.”



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