Turtle Creek Update: Teixeira Duarte and Lincoln Property

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On Thursday, September 6, the Dallas Parks and Recreation Board will evaluate the landscape design for Teixeira Duarte’s by right high-rise at 3407 North Hall Street. The lot has an interesting history of ownership and failed deals – including the Renaissance condo developer not buying the parcel when he had the chance. Teixeira Duarte (TD) has been secretive about their plans since they stopped meeting with neighbors concerning their other site at Hood Street and Dickason Avenue back in July 2016.

A lot has happened financially to TD since 2016. First, they’ve not posted any 2018 quarterly reports on their website. Second, their business volume (revenue) was €1.412 billion in fiscal year 2015, by 2017 it had fallen to €1.036 billion with resulting profitability down as well (one wonders about 2018). The decreases in their business may have played a part in their stalling construction and eventually deciding to avoid protracted negotiations with the Oak Lawn Committee and City Hall by constructing by right.

Even though a by right project, the Hall Street property requires approval by the Parks and Recreation Board because the parcel is within the Turtle Creek Environmental Corridor. And because Parks and Recreation only cares about landscape plans, because it sits above an underground parking garage, the packet is light on images

First, in the lower right, JEA refers to Javier Espinoza, the architect TD was using from the beginning. What we can tell from the filing is that there will be a single floor of underground parking with a two-story podium for additional parking and lobby. On top of the podium will be 14 stories of residential units topped by an amenity floor housing a sun deck, gym and meeting room – so 17 stories in total probably around 204 feet tall. No unit totals were listed in the filing, but prior plans called for something between 30 and 50 units.

The diagram seems to show the existing city alleys surrounding the property in place. Balcony-wise, is seems there will be larger balconies on the left of the building with more standard-sized ones on the right face of the building (slightly out of view around the corner). It seems a little nuts not to have balconies running the face of the building facing Oak Lawn Park, after all, there’s plenty of overhang potential over the podium.

The only other image from their Parks and Recreation application is the landscape plan. As you can see, it will be surrounded by greenery except for driveways and access points. You can also make out the parking layout which includes tandem parking stalls at the rear of the building.

We’ll see what’s said at the Parks and Recreation meeting on Thursday. Click HERE to see the TD filing for the meeting.

Hood & Dickason (more wires than a San Francisco cable car)

TD Hood Street and Dickason Avenue

Back in 2016, it was to have been called Turtle Creek Haus. The website has been long abandoned. All we can say is that the lots have been scraped in preparation for construction. It appears TD is looking to build both properties at the same time, and by right.

2999 Turtle Creek

Built in the 1990s by developer John Eulich, the property changed hands last July, being purchased by Lincoln Property Company. The plan was to retain the French Renaissance building while constructing a high-rise behind. There’s plenty of space on the two-acre dog-leg parcel. Word comes to CandysDirt.com that plans are firming up for the high-rise with a five-star Asian hotel rumored to have signed a deal. If true, it would mark the third five-star hotel within a block – The Mansion flanked by 2999 and Prescott’s unnamed hotel at 2727 Turtle Creek. I wonder if 2999 Turtle Creek will also have bazillion dollar condos?  Stay tuned.

Lincoln is also due back at the Oak Lawn Committee and City Plan Commission in October with revised plans for their contentious Lincoln Katy Trail project.

That’s quite a lot of goings-on in such a small space.


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