She’s Been Kinda Busy But… Omarosa Newman Sued by Her Property Owner’s Association

Her book, Unhinged, is at the top of the New York Times best-seller list, and that is a good thing for Omarosa Manigault Newman and her husband, pastor John Newman. The former White House aide and spouse are being sued by The Jacksonville Golf and Country Club Property Owners Association, demanding that the couple make crucial fixes to their four-bedroom, four-bathroom, 3,048-square-foot home.

Oh homeowners associations! 

According to The Daily Mail, the association has filed a lawsuit claiming there is mold on the roof, a filthy pool that attracts mosquitoes, plus a dead tree and grass out front. Oh and the suit also demands $11,063 in back fees and HOA charges.

Officials demanded that he ‘maintain the exterior of home including mold/mildew removal on the roof to return it to an acceptable standard, or if not possible then a complete replacement of the roof.

‘Removal of the dead tree resting on the fence in the back yard. Replacement of the dead grass and maintain the landscape material in an acceptable manner.

‘Complete chemical treatment of the swimming pool to return it to a normal condition to avoid any hazard to neighbors, including potential mosquito problems.’

The suit adds: ‘To date Defendant has failed or refused to make all the necessary repairs.’

Omarosa’s husband got the $615,000 home, which sits on a golf course, in his a divorce settlement from his ex-wife, Andrea Newman.

A hearing is set for Oct. 15. 

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  • So, what is the reason for this posting? Am I supposed to be concerned because they disregard HOA rules that probably were clearly disclosed when Newman bought the home? Or is this some sort of political statement?

    • mm

      Not a political statement. I just found it mildly amusing. Also, sometimes I post articles that will have more meaning with future posts I know are in the works, such as homeowners association news. So stay tuned!