How Much Will $200,000 Get You in Texas? Results May Vary

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It’s no secret that $200,000 won’t get you far in some places — for instance, in Manhattan, it’ll get you 126 square feet of home, which is about half the size of the average one-car garage, a recent analysis by PropertyShark revealed.

“While the results were indeed astonishing, we didn’t think there would be such a huge discrepancy between the most expensive and least expensive cities,” PropertyShark’s Robert Demeter writes.

But if you are willing to come further south, say, Texas, you can get quite a bit of bang for your buck. We show you gorgeous homes every week in our Tuesday Two Hundred that ably demonstrate what you can get for $200,000 in the Dallas area, but Texas as a whole can give a considerable wow for the dollar.

Statewide, San Antonio will give you the most house on average for $200,000— about 3,249 square feet. Fort Worth is around 2,199 square feet, and Houston is not far behind at 2,093 square feet. Dallas comes in at 1,824 and Austin brings up the rear at 1,341 square feet.

“Looking at the data, it’s safe to say that if you’re in the market to buy a home this year, chances are that you’ll need to come up with a lot more than just the U.S. median price to buy a spacious home in one of the country’s high-profile cities, or a lot less, if you chose a more affordable city,” PropertyShark’s Robert Demeter writes. “Either way, one thing is for sure, you’ll sacrifice either space or location to stay within this budget.”



Bethany Erickson

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  1. Matt R says

    These “studies” throw me for a loop and annoy me. Averaging out the data is not a true representation of what you can get for your money as a buyer and what is on the market. I feel similarly about the “average Dallas home price” studies showing an average single family home costing $200k. Where? An abandoned crack den near Fair Park? Where can I get a 1,824 square foot home for $200k in Dallas anymore? Very few areas and that would be a home requiring costly renovations at that price.

    • mmCandy Evans says

      Could not agree more. To me, the average home price in Dallas in the loop is $300 ish, maybe $270K. Unless you are talking condos. Time to look to the suburbs (Waco) for more affordability.

  2. mmCandy Evans says

    Also was in northern Cali this past week/weekend and almost everyone, upon hearing you are from Texas, begins talking real estate. Skip & Joanna have really put our market on the real estate map as super affordable, until folks learn about the high property taxes!

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