If You’re Near the High-Five Right Now, Our Condolences

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Ah, the Dallas High-Five —  an interchange between U.S.  Highway 75 and Interstate 635 that is a luge during an ice storm, a twisted maze of ramps stacked on top of each other any other time, has now become the place where a few hundred folks are now forcibly cooling their heels because of a tractor-trailer accident early this morning.

According to law enforcement, a gasoline tanker carrying diesel fuel overturned on the ramp from southbound 75 to eastbound LBJ Freeway. While none of the fuel has spilled so far, the task of emptying the tanker of its fuel before transporting it has taken the entire day, and officials now say that the interchange will be shut down through the evening — and yes, that includes rush hour.

Dallas police said the liquid contents in the tanker shifted as the truck from Trans Wood trucking of Omaha, Nebraska, took a curve, causing it to overturn. The driver was uninjured.

And when we say the entire interchange, we mean everything. Planning on taking Central Expressway from Plano to Downtown Dallas? You goofy. Wanting to get from east Dallas to Sam Moon over on the west side? No bedazzled handbags for you today. Good news though, eastbound LBJ is open, allegedly.

And of course, some people are stuck. Stuck enough, apparently, to need to order food because they’re going nowhere. And of course, people are tweeting about it.

If you’re one of those people, thanks for turning to us to kill time. If it makes you feel better, we’ll leave you with the great David Byrne’s words about the High Five, from his own diary.

“After about twenty miles, I turned north on Highway 75 on what might be the mightiest and most awe-inspiring interchange I’ve ever seen. At least five levels of roads are stacked up, all swooping over, under and around each other as if in some mighty concrete mating dance. It’s a truly incredible work, graceful, and of a scale so large that it is impossible to see the whole thing from any one vantage point.

When driving on the upper levels, you are almost completely unaware that you are arcing and swooping and curving in a ballet with all the other vehicles exiting and merging down below. You simply see the curve of the road ahead, and some signs alerting you of approaching merging lanes and future exits.”

Hope you’re enjoying this awe-inspiring interchange. In the meantime, tell us if you’re stuck in it. If you’re not, share your best alternate route. If you need an alternate route, put in a request, and let’s crowdsource that bad boy.



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