Modtown Realty Forges New Partnership With Investor DMAX Properties

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Drew Colón and Jacob Moss are the founders of Modtown Realty, an independent brokerage located in Deep Ellum.

When Modtown Realty pulled up stakes and headed for the gritty, vibrant urban environment of Deep Ellum, we knew they were planning something big. So this month, we were happy to see the brand build more momentum with a new partnership. Modtown’s leadership, Drew Colón and Jacob Moss, have brought DMAX Properties under its wings, completing a long-term vision for both Modtown and DMAX founder Scott Arnold. 

DMAX is one of DFW’s top real estate investing groups,  acquiring residential properties for small- and high-volume investors. Their forces combined creates a bridge between two highly complementary real estate worlds. 

Scott Arnold

“Modtown’s marketing prowess and support systems combined with DMAX’s ability to navigate and conquer the investment world of hedge funds and wholesale is a natural fit,” Colón said. “We’re extremely excited to have them join our team.”

Arnold agrees the merger has come at the right time and is a natural next step for his real estate investing group, which focuses on buying, renovating and selling Texas real estate to improve communities. Modtown is now the broker of record for Arnold’s firm, and they will have a presence inside their Deep Ellum office.

“We love the energy Modtown possesses,” Arnold said. “The energy of their staff and agents, combined with an office located in the resurgent Deep Ellum, have an invigorating effect DMAX has sought for some time. Modtown’s philosophy very much aligns with our own out-of-the-box approach to real estate. We haven’t been about traditional real estate since we began acquiring single family homes for hedge funds in 2012.”

If it sounds a bit like a well-calculated risk, you’d be right. Not often do you find independent investors and brokerages joining forces in such a way, but as Colón sees it, he’s embracing the growth and change that the real estate industry is known for, positioning his firm for long-term growth and security.

“Modtown has always been about taking a fresh approach to real estate,” he said. “We recognize this industry is always changing, and this exciting new combination lets us take it to the next level. We’ve always strived to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our marketing, and we’re allowing DMAX to participate in our strategies.” 



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