Drew Colon and Jacob Moss are the Head and Heart of ModTown Realty

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Drew Colon and Jacob Moss helm ModTown Realty.

Drew Colon comes out of the gate running. Answers ready, he requires little time to think. He’s boisterous and commanding. Jacob Moss, on the other hand, prefers to mull things over before settling on a reply. His manner is easy and jocular. So it’s not surprising when they describe their business relationship in terms of a marriage. They are each other’s perfect foil.

“We balance each other out,” said Moss. “We both know our roles, which makes our partnership gel a lot more than most.”

With Colon running operations and Moss as the ‘face,’ the two helm ModTown Realty, a niche real estate firm in Deep Ellum. ModTown made a name for itself after the 2008 housing crash, when amid the fallout, they pieced together a business model that allowed them to not only stay in the game – but to come out on top. When the market improved, ModTown adjusted, as well. In 2012, they merged with Keller Williams Elite, joining the real estate giant’s Preston Center offices. Just recently, however, ModTown has gotten back to its Deep Ellum roots.

ModTown's new digs, back home in Deep Ellum.
ModTown’s new digs, back home in Deep Ellum.

While ModTown’s flexibility appears to be an important driver to its longevity, one thing has remained an absolute constant over the course of a decade: its distinct, agent-focused culture.

“We’re truly in the business of changing people’s lives,” Colon said. “Not only for our clients, but we’re into changing our real estate agents’ lives.”

“I think the biggest thing we’re trying to do is build an environment of empowering our agents,” Moss added. “By giving our Realtors tools and resources, and more than anything, by building their confidence, they can go out and perform at a much higher level.”

A Different Measure of Success

Curiously, when speaking about ModTown’s success, neither Colon nor Moss describes it in monetary terms.

“Being a business owner, you can get sidetracked on the numbers and the money,” Colon said. “But then you lose sight of what’s really important – and that’s the people.”

Moss shares that sentiment wholeheartedly. “We don’t think and make decisions in regards to dollar figures. We just really want to build a solid platform to help those working with us side by side. To help them be successful. At the end of the day, that’s how we measure how we’re doing as a company.”

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Both Moss and Colon emphasize that the happiness of ModTown Realtors and staff (who Colon calls his “front five”) remains as much an emotional personal priority as it is a sensible business one. To them, colleagues are friends and family. Creating an environment that promotes happiness and personal accomplishment not only feels good, but it’s also really good business. And because of that philosophy, ModTown’s business continues to thrive.

“The heart is there. It’s sincere,” Colon said of ModTown’s focus on positive culture. “And when you get around a lot of sincere professionals that care not only about the business and the clients, but care about each other, you’re able to do amazing things faster.”

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