Consider The Source Group: Realtors John Jones and Conner Cromeens Offer Unmatched Experience

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Kristin Smith, Conner Cromeens, Candace Evans, John Jones,Rick Davis, and Chyenne Overturf celebrated the launch of the Source Group at Yucatan Taco Stand, an East Dallas hangout.

As we visited (and drank!) with them at their recent launch party, it was hard to not be impressed with what John Jones and Conner Cromeens want to accomplish. And what they HAVE accomplished! The two East Dallas Realtors launched the Source Group at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s with the objective of using their skills,  talents and vast network of connections to fulfill a niche in East Dallas neighborhoods. Truly, their mission statement offers a lot of insight to their business:

“We believe our product is a lifestyle. In everything we do, we believe that honor, integrity and kindness are not benefits, but the standard. We believe that community turns houses into homes. We believe that luxury is an experience. We do these things by offering tireless service, unmatched experience, knowledge, and a kind warm approach. We just happen to sell real estate.”

What it doesn’t say is that Jones and Cromeens have the backgrounds to really cater and guide the homebuying or selling experience into something that isn’t fraught or stressful. 

Jones has 10 years of experience on the mortgage side and co-founded Homewood Mortgage. He has intimate knowledge of real estate transactions, with over 18 years experience in the mortgage and real estate industry.  In 2012, John joined Solomon Edwards Group working as a senior project analyst on a federally mandated forensic audit of one of the nation’s largest financial institutions. 

But real estate is just as much finance as it is literal bricks and mortar. That’s where Cromeens’ professional experience provides an exceptional resource. The East Dallas native came into the business as an investor and home builder while working day-side in commercial construction. To have someone on your side that can discern a good investment from a flash in the pan is a tremendous asset — just ask any buyer who has dealt with unforseen issues during inspection. Though he’s teamed up with Jones, Cromeens still works on construction projects, keeping his skills sharp. Some of those investments are in the vacation home market, which we will be talking about.

So you can see why we’re super intrigued by Jones and Cromeens, as their team offers a fresh perspective on real estate, which is often so focused on the act of the sale. 

What we envision for the Source Group is the unification of all the advantages that technology and the vast amount of information we have access to can provide, but without the loss of personalization and intimacy of working with and understanding each client’s individual goals and future needs,” Jones said. “Homebuyers in Dallas have access to more resources than ever before, and the Source Group stands out because we get that, but also believe there is no substitute for experience and authenticity.

Especially when it comes to signing on the dotted.

“Residential real estate is a very emotionally charged business. It’s like being in a short but very intense dating relationship. There are high-highs and low-lows.” Says Cromeens. “We understand that home buying is an important life event, just like getting married or having a child, and feel it should never be relegated to anything less.”

And their warm, friendly personalities were on display as Jones and Cromeens officially launched the Source Group at Yucatan on Greenville Avenue. People flooded the restaurant — all toting donations of canned goods to OurCalling, a homeless outreach ministry — to celebrate what is sure to become a revolutionary real estate brand. Watch them closely. That’s part of what brought Jones and Cromeens together in the first place, too. They were both drawn to the prestige of the 267-year-old Sotheby’s brand, to foster the perfect environment to grow their business. There’s also some fantastic leadership in Lakewood, says Jones, including office manager Betsy Cameron. 

We’re excited to see where Jones and Cromeens will take their group. Considering the source, they’re set up for success.

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