The Modern Mile Home Tour’s Bonus Home is a Tribute to Architecture and Stewardship

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3229 Regent Drive (Photos: Aaron Dougherty)

The 2017 Modern Mile Home Tour is fast upon us! And to give you a little taste of what’s to come, here’s a look at the Modern Mile Bonus Home. Designed by Texas starchitect Arch B. Swank, Jr., 3229 Regent Drive is a work of art with an unforgettable history.

Once nearly lost to neglect and disrepair, a couple of caring homeowners brought it back from the brink, allowing it to become the jewel of this year’s Modern Mile Home Tour. Built to be featured in the 1959 Parade of Homes, this midcentury marvel was originally home to a NASA design engineer present at Mission Control during the moon landing. Talk about space age!

From the spot-on authentic and reproduction furnishings, to the framed iconic Time Magazine covers, the Modern Mile Home Tour’s Bonus Home proves an unending visual delight. As a lover of all things midcentury, I suspect a walk through this home feels like a spiritual journey. An architectural pilgrimage.

However, the magic of this home lies as much in its incredible inhabitants as it does its architecture. Join us after the jump for the story behind this stunning home and its charming occupants. Oh, and a few teaser photos, too.

To the detail, this home is midcentury eye candy. And making it that way has been something of a lifestyle for David Haggard II and his husband Tommy Sawyers. From thrift stores to antique shops and trips to Palm Springs, the couple has spent nearly every free weekend midcentury treasure hunting for the last 16 years.

“It’s kind of a sickness,” Sawyers said with a laugh. If it’s a sickness, may they never recover.  And may they share their scouting locations with me. From the outset, I informed these gentlemen that I’d have a hard time being the least bit impartial about their home. I want to be invited over. To stay.

“We really love it,” Haggard said. “We’d been on the hunt for a midcentury modern home for years, and finally found this one. We walked in and said, ‘Where do we sign?’ It automatically screamed that it was for us.”

Enthusiastic Stewards

The couple’s love for their home extends beyond the captivating aesthetic. The two medical professionals enthusiastically serve as doting stewards of the home’s rich history.

“I actually was blessed beyond words that the original blueprints have been passed down with every owner,” Haggard said. “We have house plans, the actual original building permit, and the original landscaping plans. I have the original 1959 Parade of Homes write-up.” That write-up, Haggard said, will be on display during the tour, for history lovers to enjoy.

Haggard and Sawyer even formed a personal relationship with the daughter of the original owner, further strengthening their connection to the home’s history. “She actually had slides, and we had those converted into photos,” Haggard said. “So we have photos of it when it was a bare lot, when it was the foundation, when it was being built, and when it was finished.” They’re truly keepers of a bygone era.

“We really have a true love for the house and the family that lived here,” he added.

And while photos of the original interior remain scarce, it’s unlikely you’d need them. Taking in this couple’s incredible collection on the tour next weekend, you will easily find yourself transported to another time – no imagination needed.

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