Sam Claussen Was Destined for a Real Estate Career

Sam Claussen

“I’ve always been drawn to real estate and architecture,” Sam Claussen said. “My dad was an architect, and when I was growing up, a part of the house was always under construction. We were always fixing things on our own, expanding, and renovating.”

Although Claussen hadn’t visualized a career in real estate, he knew he wanted to be self-employed, and he was fascinated with business. After attending Lake Highlands High School, he graduated from the University of Arizona with bachelors of science in both business economics and entrepreneurship, with a minor in regional development. Without realizing it, he was putting the building blocks in place for a successful career in real estate.

Claussen returned to a less-than-stellar Dallas economy back in 2010. Flipping houses seemed the right move with his strong background in remodeling. The next logical step was getting a real estate license to be able to sell his first property. Knowing he wanted to be with a small brokerage, Claussen landed at David Griffin & Company.Sam Claussen

“I liked the size of the firm,” Claussen said. “Everyone knows everyone, and what’s great about our office is that you can ask anyone for help. It’s not cut-throat.”

But it’s the nature of the business that keeps him motivated. 

“It’s very satisfying to succeed in finding the right house for a client, because it’s not easy in a hot market. I like that challenge of it, the hunt for the right home and the right neighborhood. All of our neighborhoods have their own personalities, so I pair the person with both the neighborhood and the house,” he said. “As a buyer’s agent, people look to you for guidance. You have to listen to your client and figure out what makes them tick.”

It’s working, of course. Claussen is great at his job and is already seeing his clients return to purchase their next home with his guidance.

“Your business grows with your clients,” Claussen said. “Referrals are key, and you have to love what you do because you work around the clock, it’s a 24/7 business. I love looking at houses, and I could look at nice homes all day.”

Claussen has certainly found his destiny. Last year he did $6.5 million in sales. We think he’s doing something very right!