McKinney Family Left With Half a Roof After Mistake

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Roofers likely started work on the wrong house Thursday in McKinney, but the Greener family is now left with a mess and no clue as to who started the job and then left. (Photo courtesy Paige Greener)

The Greener family got a rude awakening Thursday morning — literally.

They were sound asleep when they heard someone on the roof of their McKinney home. Now, they weren’t frightened — they had begun work on getting a new roof thanks to a recent storm that pelted their neighborhood with hail — but they were a little confused.

The work on their house hadn’t been scheduled yet. In fact, the Greeners were planning to wait until after storm season to start the job for a variety of reasons. The family then contacted the contractor they had hired and sent him pictures from their security camera of the crew that had been on their roof, and he confirmed that the men were not working for him.

Just as abruptly as they began work, they left — with the Greener’s roof half demolished, and left exposed to the elements.

“They were at our house at 6:40 a.m. ripping off our roof and then left one hour later with half our roof missing and didn’t return,” Paige Greener told a local Facebook group. “We didn’t schedule anyone to do our roof and now are left with all ridge vents off and half of a roof.”

Greener added that they drove around their Meadow Ridge neighborhood looking to see if they could find the crew after determining that their home may have been the victim of mistaken identity. “We couldn’t find them anywhere,” she said.

“The roof will need to be pushed up now due to this,” Greener said. “But we were going to wait initially to replace the roof after storm season.”

The Greeners called McKinney Police to help solve the mystery. They’re most interested in just having the roofing company own up to what they did, though. The roofer they had originally hired came yesterday to tarp the roof in the meantime, and their insurance company had already approved the new roof because of previous storm damage.

McKinney Police filed the case under “reckless damage,” which is a Class C misdemeanor.

Veteran roofer Chris Crutcher of Outback Roofing said that this can be a common mistake after storms hit several houses at once. “It’s probably an out-of-state roofing guy,” he said.

When asked what his company would do in a similar situation, he said, “We’d want to make it right.”

I guess for me, I would just right then and there go immediately and put an underlayment of felt down right then and there — and tarp, to help protect the house from the weather  and then contact my insurance company and file a claim under my insurance.”

But Crutcher said he also works hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. “I have a project manager that’s gonna go out and meet the crew at the job,” he explained. “And they’re going to make sure that the crew and the homeowner are ready to begin the work.”

Unfortunately, Crutcher said he thinks that the Greeners and the McKinney Police will have a difficult time finding the crew that caused their headache. “What they will do is send a different crew to do any work in that neighborhood, and move that crew to another location,” he said.

If you recognize the crew, call McKinney Police at 972-547-2700.

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