High-Caliber Agent: Relationships Matter, Says Realtor Jennifer Rice

Jen Rice HCAOTWThere’s a lot to a real estate transaction that gets lost in talk of prices and sales figures. It’s a complex deal in which a lot of people invest their time, money, and hopes and dreams. With the right agent, the setbacks that are bound to happen don’t sting so bad. Clients learn to lean on agents, who guide and advice everyday people through one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lifetimes.

Jennifer Rice realizes that. She knows that clients — from seasoned homebuyers to first-timers — need a Realtor they can depend on and one that focuses on their wants and needs.

That’s why we’ve selected Rice, an agent with the Collier+Rice team at David Griffin & Company Realtors, as this week’s High-Caliber Agent sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. Find out more about what drives this Realtor after the jump!

Real estate is a very competitive business. To what or whom do you owe your success?

Jennifer Rice: To whom? My amazing clients, of course! And my business partner, David Collier — we make a great team! I have been very fortunate to work with lovely people both as clients and at David Griffin and Company.

To what? Strong communication, problem solving, and negotiation skills are so important in this industry, with everyone you work with throughout every real estate transaction. I listen to my clients needs and really ask questions so that I can focus on taking care of them. My goal is to create a seamless and positive experience for my clients, while making sure that THEIR real estate goals are being met.

Outside of day-to-day business, what are you passionate about?

Rice: Art and design are a big part of our family life. I have a background in design and my husband is a designer, and we are truly passionate about art, design, and architecture. I enjoy spending time with my family and volunteer at our community school in various ways, as a room parent, school event sponsor, and as one of the second grade Destination Imagination coaches. I am currently working with some other wonderful parents to start a kindergarten Daisy Scout Troop and co-coordinating the second grade silent auction art projects. We are part of a great neighborhood and school community.

What (or who) is your inspiration?

Rice: My sweet daughters and my husband inspire me to continually strive to better myself both personally and professionally.

Why is finding the right lender crucial to your success?

Rice: Once again, communication. It is imperative that a buyer work with a lender that will take the time to understand their/our clients situation so that they can assist them in choosing the best loan for them and is responsive to their clients by answering their questions in a timely matter. This is why I love Lisa Peters! She’s also a problem solver.