Briggs Freeman Agent Grant Vancleve Has High-Rise Know-How

Photo - Vancleve, Grant - Current Headshot

Talk about hustle! There is another class of agents out there that is constantly working for their clients, making deals and keeping an ear to the ground for the next one. Grant Vancleve, an agent with Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, is definitely in this class.

And boy, does he know Dallas’ high-rise market! In fact, we’ve hosted one of our “Staff Meetings” inside one of his listings before and we couldn’t believe how much he knows about the market. If you get the chance to pick the brain of this brilliant business mind, don’t pass it up! Also, make sure you get a ride in his Porsche!

So of course we’re thrilled to have Grant on the blog today as one of our High-Caliber Agents sponsored by Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans. Need an agent you can trust? Choose a High-Caliber Agent. Need a lending partner you can rely on? Choose Lisa Peters at Caliber Home Loans.

Learn more about Grant Vancleve and what motivates him to stay on top of the market after the jump!

Real estate is a very competitive business. To what or whom do you owe your success?

Grant Vancleve: The first person that I have to attribute my success to is Joy Lloyd, who was my Realtor in selling my first three homes in the Dallas area and encouraged me to change careers and begin this real estate journey. Second person on my list is my first broker, John Whiteside of John Whiteside and Associates (many years ago), who took the time to mentor and show me the ins and outs of this business. Last, but definitely not least, my loyal and fabulous clients — I would not and could not be successful without them!

Outside of day-to-day business, what are you passionate about?

Vancleve: My hobbies include art, design, traveling, involvement in several of Turtle Creek area Homeowner Associations, and volunteering with multiple non-profit organizations for cancer research.

What (or who) is your inspiration?

Vancleve: My mother is my inspiration, she has always believed in me and pushed me to follow my passion.

Why is finding the right lender crucial to your success?

Vancleve: The right Lender is crucial to my success because they will make sure my clients are comfortable throughout the lending process and financially ready to move forward towards the American dream of owning real estate.