Forget the Village: It Takes a Barbecue to Understand the Neighborhood Vibe at The Jordan

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Jordan Group 7
I can see jealousy at the Crescent Court

The most pleasantly surprising moments at last evening’s event at The Jordan apartments were not when the the wine flowed out of bottles named “Jordan,” or when we oohed and ahhed over the cove-lit ceilings in the penthouse units. No, it was when we spied residents using the outdoor barbecues.  I’ve lived in many an apartment with communal barbecues where you could get grill marks on your steak without even firing it up … just laying it on the rusty unused grates gave you all the “sear” marks you’d want.

But last night, between tours of The Jordan’s luscious units, I saw a steady stream of residents making their way to the communal barbecues to fix dinner. A little skewered shrimp here, a little salmon there, a big ‘ol steak. It sounds like a small thing, but it hints at a community that feels at home.

I have to be honest: I see many new high-rises with tons of fan-tab-ulous public areas and I wonder if anyone uses them. I’m going to guess that perhaps it’s a generational thing (or a Jon thing). Of course it’s also partly because the amenities are so nice to use.

Speaking of generational, perhaps you thought The Jordan’s demographic tended towards the still ripening 20-something. Not so.  The ‘cuers were a mix of everything from the seemingly empty nested on down. Again, another happy surprise. We ran into a huge fan leasing here while they build in Preston Hollow after selling in the Park Cities. The Jordan is walking distance for one of their daughters for her summer job.

Jordan Group 3

While none of the grillers offered to share a nibble with our group, we surely didn’t starve with a spread laid on by Morton’s Steakhouse.  It’s one of the restaurants that’s so close to The Jordan they should be exploring drone delivery or someone with a strong pitching arm.

Jordan Group 4

The seventh floor resident lounge, complete with this serving bar, was the backdrop for our gathering.  The Morton’s staff aren’t part of the amenity package, more’s the pity.  But we did get to experience how versatile the space is as groups formed and reformed in the various seating areas. If guests were still thirsty, there’s another stocked bar on the ground floor for resident use and regular happy hours. If two bars aren’t enough in one high-rise, the friendly staff will be happy to arrange an intervention. 🙂

Jordan Bottles 1

When you’re kicking up some dust in a place called The Jordan, what else would you serve?  I’m not sure if this is the reason developer Streetlights Residential named the building.  Helpful soul that I am, I’m suggesting their next project be named The Delamotte or The Krug.  I can see it now, like the milkman, residents could hang a tag on their door each evening with tomorrow’s champagne order.

And there’s no reason Streetlights Residential shouldn’t be feeling bubbly.  I hear that while the building has only been open since March and still being finished out, it’s got residents and reservations totaling just over 60 percent with about 48 percent moved in. This with units nearing $5 a square foot for rent!

When I heard those numbers, naive me thought those poor 12 percent were paying rent on empty apartments.  Nope. Those 12 percent are under contract but their units aren’t finished yet, so no rent until the paint is dry.  And for a developer, better to be waiting for tile than tenants.

Jordan Group 5

Being a event, we had Candy working the room.  You’ll be hearing a bit more about these ladies real soon.  We all got to talking at last week’s Masonite panel discussion led by Candy in the Design District. Ideas percolated.  Stay tuned.

Jordan Group 2 editor Jo England was making nice while keeping a shooing eye on anyone attempting to snap up one of Morton’s chocolate mousse-ettes.

Enough party dish, I’m sure you want to know what I thought of the penthouses that weren’t finished on my last tour.

Well … they’re still not done-done but …

Jordan Penthouse 3

My favorite wasn’t the one on tour. Darn it.  However, nosey Pied Piper me, I led the group on an unplanned stop into the half-done semi-shell.  I mean, it WAS on the way to the elevator and there wasn’t a lockset on the door, so ANYONE could just push right in…

After being gently reprimanded, I found out why it wasn’t on the tour…IT’S RENTED!  In this case, the best wasn’t saved for last.  Whomever will be moving into this home will be mighty satisfied.  It’s a wonderfully open and airy aerie.  Views everywhere from the 23rd floor.  It’s in the light palate with a white kitchen and super light natural quartz counters (sea pearl, I believe). I’d have taken a few pics, but everything was covered in plastic and generally looking like a construction zone … which it is.  I wouldn’t publish a picture of you in curlers and a robe either.

The tour penthouse was nice, but I’m a bad house-parent…I play favorites!

Jordan View 2

But what I did learn is that while the straight-on city views were great, my favorite was an end view where you could see the Crescent and Ritz buildings up-close for drama as well as the postcard Dallas skyline view in the other direction.  I hate sacrifice!

And that’s my final piece of wisdom for you.  If you’re looking for an apartment at The Jordan, check out the floor plans, but also the views.  If you’re smart, you can get the best on both sides of the glass.  After all, you’re not moving into a high-rise to keep the curtains drawn … except on weekend mornings.


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