Missed Out in 2014? Desco Drive Modern Offers Another Chance to Live Boldly


In an area known for trying to impress with excess, it’s nice to see a property that’s comfortably glamorous.  Sure, when you drive by 6607 Desco Drive you wonder. Area homes are a mix of 1950s ranches and cliché McMansions. Like much of Preston Hollow, land values have tripled in the past 15 years as the neighborhood retreats upmarket with tear downs.

This home is “new” but no stereotype.

Between bold architectural shapes and a lack of roses and wisteria, you rubberneck as you slowly drive by (gone unfortunately are the prior owner’s neon bicycles).  With plenty of lawn, it’s not completely xeriscape, but it makes use of a lot of drought-resistant plants. For me the place has a bit of a Mexico City vibe.  When I got home and poked around, I found the original ranch home was gutted, added to, renovated, and most importantly owned by interior designer Ana Seyffert.  Buying a designer’s home lets you live in their world without the vacillations of a client to dilute the vision.  The work, begun in 2008, took two years and swept away the 1950s and brought this tropically urban home.

A home like this screams for press coverage.  When Seyffert first sold the home in 2014 to the current owner, Candy was there.

The home is listed with Erin Mathews of Allie Beth Allman for $2.599 million.  It has 5,589 square feet on a pinch over half an acre with four bedrooms and five full bathrooms.

The inside is cool, but let’s stay outside for a bit …


It’s Dallas, so there’s a pool, but there’s also a minimalist tower slab for visual interest along with the best seat waterfall in the house on a hot summer’s day.  But look beyond the pool and you have a veritable nightclub of canopied seating surrounding a custom fire pit and enveloped by an outdoor kitchen.  Being locked out of the house rarely looks this good.

Tons of windows to bring in the outdoors

Tons of windows to bring in the outdoors

You’ll want to be very good friends with your neighbors.  After all, it’s better to be friends than have all your shindigs interrupted by the cops … and with a backyard like this, shindigs are simply unavoidable.


Usually front doors aren’t my thing.  They’re easy to change so if you don’t like it, it’s not a super big deal.  But this door really works. It’s big, it’s glassy and its metal plays off the metal structure found inside the home.  Keep it.


Just about the first thing you see is this two-story kitchen … after you scrape your eyes away from the view of the backyard.  It’s almost fit for Dean Fearing and Stephan Pyles to have a cook-off (now there’s an idea for a party … as long as I get one of those four stools!).  Tons and tons of counter space, plenty of sinks, refrigeration and firepower with a jumbo range with grill, griddle and ovens.  For those who partake, you’ll find one of two built-in coffee stations here also.


The living room is tucked between the outdoors, kitchen and a staircase-as-art installation.  It’s not stuffy and it’s really at the center of everything this house has to offer.


That couple of ton stainless steel staircase, aside from transporting you from one level to another hides a secret.  You see the three vertical steel plates? Look just to the left of the right one.  See that streak of red?  It’s a glass sculpture that attaches to and hangs from the staircase.  It’s like a long drip of molten metal suspended in the air.


As this bathroom highlights, Seyffert was a whiz with tile and interesting fixtures. The window offers a view … from both sides of the glass.


Facing the front of the house (the sculpture by Sebastian is titled Cellocia Borunda) the master bathroom continues to give off a Latin vibe with its curved vanities.  The rocks around the bathtub give a spa feel (although I confess to being mystified on how to dust them).


The bedrooms are all great and great-sized.  The master (above) has plenty of space for a seating area retreat along with jumbo his and hers closets. And again, windows and what I hope are blackout curtains.


I’ll leave you with my favorite bedroom.  I like the built-in quality as well as the shelving.  The upholstered bed reminds me of a trampoline … both great places for some bouncing.  The chandelier and stacked stone wall plus the bonus of a private patio make it more stand-alone and nook-ish.

If I were to live on the ground again, I could see living in a home like this.  But with over 5,000 square feet, I’d need some roommates.

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