Statler Hilton Chandelier To Hang in Newly Listed $12.75m Former Prosper Pad of Deion Sanders

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Statler Chandelier
This is the chandelier that will soon hang in the main foyer of Deion Sanders’ former home in Prosper. Don’t worry: it’s getting all spiffed up. Technically, one grand chandelier will be created out of three identical Statler Hilton Hotel chandeliers from the downtown Dallas hotel undergoing a dramatic restoration. (Some of the crystals are cracked and broken, so restorers will scavenge from the three to create one perfect fixture.) I found it on a tour of the Statler Hilton earlier this week, stay tuned for that report.

As I told you a couple weeks ago, Deion Sanders’ 29,000-square-foot mansion of mansions built in 1999 with turrets and columns and Taj Mahal architectural features on 109 acres is back on the market and better than ever.  It has been updated, remodeled, staged, painted, carpeted, freshened — you name it.

The Dallas Morning News just published the listing this week. (Print media is a little slow.)

The Statler chandelier is courtesy of Mehrdad Moayedi, who is completing an extensive renovation of the Statler Hilton in downtown Dallas. His company, Farmers Branch-based Centurion American, is also developing a 22-acre neighborhood around Deion’s former pad, encircling it like a queen’s cushion, called Montclair.

Deion’s big house has been re-named Chateau Montclair.

Deions New exterior
Chateau Montclair

Chateau Montclair is listed with Ebby Halliday agent extraordinaire David Gloria for $12,750,000.

DavidGloria-s copy
David Gloria

The home had a football field and tennis court, still has pools (lagoon-style, regular, and indoor), a 12-acre lake now part of the development, yoga room, basketball court, gym, barber shop, arcade, bowling alley, a guest house, and a huge theater/screening room, and sauna. There’s also an awards gallery. The 29,000-square-foot home contains 10 bedrooms and 10 full bathrooms, a commercial-grade kitchen, and soaring two-story foyer. The master closet is the size of most people’s apartments — actually bigger — and there is a sunken sauna tub in the master bath. Don’t forget the turn-table floor in the foyer to the master bedroom, now covered with beautiful carpet.:

Previously marketed for $21 million, for the house plus 109 acres, Sanders sold off 82 acres to a company called Bloomfield Homes, Inc. out of Southlake,

in 2014, most of the property was scooped up in a deal arranged by Dallas developer Don Silverman. The plan was to develop most of the Sanders property with upscale Prosper homes. And that is exactly what is happening around the once blue, now sand-pink mansion. There are now four owners of Deion’s former spread: MQ Developers doing the retail development on the corner of Preston and Prosper Trail, Bloomfield developing 82 acres of new homes, Prime Investments marketing the mansion and four adjoining lots, and Centurion American’s 22 acres for million dollar plus homes called The Montclair. 

Chateau Montclair is now ready for the next chapter of her life, here she is in all her glory:

Deions front door

Deion foyer

Deion Living

Deion back foyer

Deion living 2

Deion dining formal

Deion kitchen

Deion kitchen 2

Deion breakfast

Deion family room

Deion study

Deion master entry

Deion master bedroom

Deion master bedroom 2

Deion master shower
Deion closet

Deion guest

Deion guest 2

Deion yoga room

Deion indoor pool

Deion turf room

Deion barber shoppe

Deion gym

Deion bowling billiards

Deion bowling CU

Deion theater

Deion 2nd landing

Deion 2 pools

Deion pools

Deion pools side

Deion back yard

Deion side yard Deion ext side shot

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  1. Joe Hill says

    Dear Candy,
    The Hilton Chandelier story brought back an old memory. My Woodrow Wilson senior prom was held in the ballroom of the Statler Hilton on the 2nd floor of the hotel over the fancy restaurant with the crystal Chandeliers. The bunny hop was a big thing that year and almost as soon as we started it hotel personnel ran into the ballroom yelling at us to stop. Turns out we were causing the chandeliers to shake rattle & roll.

    I really enjoyed meeting you at your “Office Meeting” this afternoon.

    • mmCandy Evans says

      Thank you for sharing this story, Joe, and I enjoyed meeting you too! We love our “Staff Meetings”! Great story, and I was in the ballroom last week. Wait till you see how they are restoring it!

      • Joe Hill says

        I’ve always wondered why it took so long for something to get done with the Statler Hilton. Can’t wait to see the renovations.

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