Guardian Angel: Pete Amaya Feels Called to Make Homeownership Dreams Come True With Guardian Mortgage

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We love hearing stories that really put a face on the good people in the home loan industry, which is why we’re so thrilled to feature Pete Amaya of Guardian Mortgage Company on the blog today. He’s this month’s Guardian Angel, and we love that he’s putting down roots in Prosper, building a new home, and using Guardian Mortgage as his lender. If that’s not loyalty, we don’t know what is!

Jump to read more about Amaya, who is quite the gardening enthusiast, and why he chose a career with Guardian Mortgage Company. As one of the newest loan officers over at Guardian Mortgage Company, let’s kick off with an easy question. How are you liking it over there?

Pete Amaya: I love it! My transition has been smooth and I could not feel any better about the change. Everyone has gone out of their way to help me feel like a part of the team and making great suggestions to be able to take my business to the next level. I’m really excited about all of the training and support Guardian has to offer, and looking forward to the future here.

CD: You’re new to Guardian, but you’re not new to the mortgage industry by any means, are you? Tell us a little bit about your history as a mortgage professional?

PA: I have spent the last 12 years in the mortgage industry. I started out as loan officer assistant in small brokerage and it was there that I developed a passion for the mortgage industry and my ability to help other people’s dreams come true. The majority of my time in the industry was in a consumer direct call center where we originated loans in all 50 states. Due to the large diversity of loans I originated I was able to gain the vast industry knowledge and experience my customers benefit from to this day. No two loans are the same, and I take pride in finding solutions to every scenario that crosses my path. A large part of my clientele are repeat customers, and it’s always great to hear the stories of how I have helped them or their family in the past.

CD: From what we hear, you’re not just professionally involved in housing, but at the moment, personally too! You’re currently in the process of building your dream house in Prosper, is that correct?

PA: Yes, my family and I are building a new home in Prosper. We are trying to grow our family and our last house no longer fit our needs. It’s exciting to be on the other end of the origination process, since I’m usually the person helping other people achieve their dreams. We love driving out to the property on a regular basis to see what kind of progress has been made. It’s amazing how quick they can construct something that will be standing for the next 100 years. We are excited, anxious and nervous just like any homebuyer is. I’m most excited to be able to share with my clients my personal experience with Guardian as they are the lender for my new home.

Pete Amays is building a new home in Prosper for his growing family.
Pete Amays is building a new home in Prosper for his growing family.

CD: What made you want to build from the ground up, rather from choose from existing inventory that’s out there?

PA: It was a hard decision. We looked at numerous existing inventory of homes in the area. The main issue we kept running into was a shortage of homes in the market and how multiple offers on homes we liked were pushing up the sales price. We had built our last home and with the current market being what it is and the issues we were faced with, decided it would be a better bet to go ahead and build again. Building a new home also allows us to choose those things that are most important to us. For my wife, it is an oversized laundry room. However, for me, it was all about the large yard and a three-car garage. A new construction home also typically comes with a better and longer home warranty that an existing home would offer. We knew we planned on staying in our next home for the long haul, so we decided it should be exactly what we wanted to meet our needs for the future.

CD: Any cool features or elements in the home that you and your family are excited about?

PA: I am most excited about the quarter acre lot the home is sitting on. I really enjoy working outside on the yard and take a lot of pride in it. You could say it is a hobby that I enjoy and happen to be pretty good at. In our last neighborhood, I actually won the yard of the month a few times. I even have a professional mower that allows me to get the grass short enough to putt on. Maybe there’s a putting green in the near future at our new house, just don’t tell my wife. (CD: We can keep a secret! Ha!) Being outdoors also allows me to interact with and meet my neighbors in the area, which brings a real sense of community and belonging to where we live. My son is probably most excited about being able to walk to school next year. He will be entering sixth grade and his new school is within walking distance. My wife is really excited about the oversized laundry room, but if you asked her, she would probably say she is most excited about the chandelier in the master bathroom.

CD: What about Prosper stuck out to you? It’s a booming area, and it seems like more and more people are moving out there. What’s so special about it?

PA: My family and I have been in Frisco for the last 10 years and have really been able to see the growth that Frisco has gone through. My wife is from a very small town in Oklahoma and I myself, although originally from Grand Prairie, really enjoy being outdoors and your typical outdoor sports. Since the rapid growth of Frisco has reached such a massive scale, we decided we wanted to get back to a smaller town feel that would allow for a little more country and slower pace. We are excited about the potential growth of Prosper but are looking forward to the small town life Prosper has to offer for now. Even though we aren’t yet residents of Prosper, it’s become a game in our family to see how many P’s we can see on the back of cars, which is the logo for Prosper. We already feel like we are part of the community and are looking forward to prosperous future.

CD: Well, Pete, good luck with your build and the big move! Prosper’s lucky to have you.

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    This guy makes a great point, artifically inflated home prices are the only way to keep a house off the market long enough for a common person to buy and get approved for a loan, anything cheaper and cash flush investors immediately buy it off the market.

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