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Cheryl Brown started at Guardian Mortgage Company in 1982 as a loan processor in the original Grand Blanc, Mich., office. Thirty four years later, Brown is the senior vice president, head of operations at the company. What a wonderful success story, one that also tells us just how dedicated Guardian Mortgage employees are to the company. You just don’t hear of long-term, ladder-climbing employees anymore, and this is a welcome message!

But that’s not the only reason we’re singling out Cheryl Brown as our Guardian Angel of the month. We also want to praise Brown’s adaptability in the ever-changing regulatory landscape of the real estate business, and her focus on customer satisfaction.

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Janet Ryan and friends

Guardian Mortgage’s Janet Ryan (bottom right) travels frequently to San Miguel de Allende with friends. (Courtesy Photo)

Janet Ryan has been in the mortgage industry since the 1970s. It was a different time then, she says, and her long career has given her a dose of perspective that clients constantly benefit from. Considering that Janet has been filling out mortgage paperwork for longer than some companies have been in business, her expertise is what helps her go above and beyond.

And that’s just one of the many reasons why Janet is our Guardian Angel at Guardian Mortgage Company. With more than 50 years in business and countless clients served, Guardian Mortgage will be there for you no matter what, just like Janet!

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Guardian Mortgage‘s Al Young was one of the first people to move to Frisco, and he says he’d never live anywhere else. Why? Because it’s a wonderful family community that has great leadership and top-notch schools and amenities.

We have to agree with Young, who is this month’s Guardian Angel. While Young has spent a lot of time working with Frisco’s youth, coaching basketball teams for his kids, he has a genuine knack for getting to know his clients and making sure they get the right loan for their home buying situation. He says it’s all of these things that make him a better loan officer, and we have to say that Guardian Mortgage is a richer company because of his dedication to Frisco.

Congratulations on this recognition, Al!



We love hearing stories that really put a face on the good people in the home loan industry, which is why we’re so thrilled to feature Pete Amaya of Guardian Mortgage Company on the blog today. He’s this month’s Guardian Angel, and we love that he’s putting down roots in Prosper, building a new home, and using Guardian Mortgage as his lender. If that’s not loyalty, we don’t know what is!

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When Michael Lima’s father started working with the U.S. military, his family lived off the coast of Portugal on the Azores Islands. From there, he’s lived all over the globe, but chose to settle down in the great state of Texas. But even more remarkable is how this longtime mortgage professional chose to make a career at Guardian Mortgage.

You’ll have to read our great Q&A with Lima to get that interesting story, but you’ll also learn about what an amazing businessman Michael Lima is, easily earning him the title of this month’s Guardian Angel. See why we’re spotlighting the incredibly talented professionals at Guardian Mortgage every month by learning about the people who make this company great.

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RussAnderson_CD-2 (1)

Guardian Mortgage is starting the new year with a new leader in Russ Anderson, who is taking the helm of the company as former CEO Marcia Phillips retires and takes a spot on the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. We know that Anderson has several success stories in the industry, but we wanted to go beyond the surface to find out what he has planned during his tenure as Guardian’s chief executive. And, of course, get a wine recommendation or two from this oenophile!

It was an absolute joy to interview Anderson and welcome him to his new post at Guardian Mortgage. Jump to find out more about this smart, thoughtful leader!



It’s loan professionals like Michael Bingham that make the industry look good, both literally and figuratively. I mean, with style like Michael’s, you can see that he classes up pretty much any room you put him in. But in the less literal sense, his dedication to the community and open heart definitely make him worthy of being called this month’s Guardian Angel from Guardian Mortgage.

“I do believe, however, that when people truly realize that their lives are valuable, most will try to do better; when people come to understand that they can better themselves and their lives with a little effort, they will try to do just that,” Bingham said.

We couldn’t agree more, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a man such as Michael Bingham on our site and in our community. Congratulations, Michael!


BuckyMoser_CD-1 (1)

Bucky Moser seems like the kind of fellow you could while away a few hours on a bass boat with a slow conversation and a cooler of cold ones. And he’d like that just fine, I think, considering how big of a deal fishing is to him. Moser, who is this week’s Guardian Angel, discovered his love for fishing at a young age, going on to found a little company making and selling custom lures.

More than that, Moser takes his talent for listening to clients and customers and converts that to a healthy number of referrals.

“My main focus is on building relationships and serving clients, who need financing to buy their new home,” said Moser, a loan officer at GuardingMortgage. “However, I’ve come up with an idea in which I’m able to mesh my love for making lures with clientele and referral partners, who share the love of fishing.”

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