Original Metal Geneva Cabinets In This East Dallas Midcentury Are Part of Vintage Charm

10309 Lake Gardens ADuring World War II, America ramped up its steel production to make weapons, build ships, and fuel the effort overseas. Once the war was over, we had tremendous capacity, and it had to go somewhere. Enter the big cars of the 1950s, huge appliances, and home construction (coming out of the war, there were around six million people who needed housing).

Metal kitchen cabinets were en vogue during the 50s for this very reason. But very few homes built in that era still have the original pieces—most have been torn out in renovations over the years.

But in today’s Tuesday Two Hundred at 10309 Lake Gardens Dr., original Geneva metal cabinets stand pristine in the kitchen. They match the vintage charm and other Midcentury features of this 1952 bungalow in East Dallas.

This house is a 3-1 with 1,140 square feet, and several additional living spaces with both front and back sunrooms, perfect for outdoor dining. East Dallas MidcenturyThe neighborhood is absolutely wonderful, with a canopy of mature trees over the street, just two miles from White Rock Lake, and one mile to Casa Linda Plaza.

It was listed Nov. 2 by Trisha Moore with Keller Williams Lake Cities for $285,000. There’s a broker open house tomorrow from 10 a.m. to noon. Let’s take a look inside.

East Dallas MidcenturyEast Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas MidcenturyWalking into the house, you pass first through a sunroom before entering a new front door and walking into the main living room. Those original hardwood floors run throughout the home, except the bathroom. Large, new windows and new skylights keep the space bright, and original wood paneling and a wood beam add character to the Midcentury interior. East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas MidcenturyHere are those original Geneva metal cabinets, a crisp, unusual alternative to the so-much-more-common wooden cabinets. The kitchen is small, measuring 12-by-10, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in style with those cabinets.
10309 Lake Gardens L 10309 Lake Gardens M10309 Lake Gardens K East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury 10309 Lake Gardens QThe bedrooms are what you should expect in a home of this era, and there is only one bathroom, but it has original yellow tile, which is so cheerful and fun. In the back of the home, another sunroom and a new back door. There’s a ceiling fan out there, too, to circulate air. 10309 Lake Gardens R 10309 Lake Gardens S 10309 Lake Gardens T 10309 Lake Gardens U East Dallas Midcentury East Dallas Midcentury 10309 Lake Gardens XThe outdoor space of this home is heavily treed with landscaping, and all those shade trees help keep the house and sunrooms cooler. There’s covered parking for two cars, a lighting system, covered patio, RV/boat parking, a storage building, and workshop.

This East Dallas bungalow is a breath of fresh air on Lake Gardens Drive. Let us know if you attend the broker’s open house next Wednesday, November 18, and what you think of the property!