Record Setting Expansion: Rogers Healy Expands to Billion Dollar Mile

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Rogers & @kaitlinechu

I remember Rogers Healy in 2007. Boy, do I remember him. I had just started my brainchild blog, “Dallas Dirt”, over at D Magazine. Most of the agents in town were not super excited, mostly because they had no idea how technology was about to shift the real estate industry. But I did.  I had seen the writing on the wall and knew that as print media rode off into the sunset, it would take old real estate print ads with it. Adios.

Was talking to a friend tonight who has a contract on his home. He is looking for another. Is he sitting with a pile of magazines or newspapers looking at the listings? Hell no, he is on the internet surfing for his next home. And that’s where he will start to find it.

In 2007, I remember that many agents not only had no idea what a blog was, they couldn’t even pronounce the word, so they called it a “blob”!

I talked until I was blue in the face, explaining what a “weblog” was, how they had originated, and how it could really help most agents and consumers sell homes if they would share my posts on social media…

Which many agents actually thought was some kind of venereal disease, back then.

Flash forward to 2015, a whole 8 years later. Social media rocks it and sells homes. Facebook is the new TV. Print’s not dead, yet, but the IV is being ordered.

And Roger’s Healy is expanding, big time.

Guess who my top real estate cheerleader was in 2007? A young kid named Rogers Healy. Fresh from SMU, he had started as a Realtor while still an undergraduate in 2001. He was my own kid’s age, in fact I think they had been to parties together. In 2007, Rogers had TWO agents. He brought them over to at D Magazine to meet, network, and embrace social media with a giant bear hug.

Let me tell you something about the real estate (and mortgage banking) industries: the average age of a Realtor in the U.S, is 57. Ditto (give or take a few years) mortgage bankers. There are 16,000 licensed Realtors in the Metrotex Association of Realtors, which included affiliate members. Slightly more than 12,000 are licensed Realtors. But who are the buyers now? Millennials! Rogers Healy is one of the leading real estate brokers in DFW and one of the VERY FEW started and owned by a Millennial.

After nine years of RHAdfw office headquarters being on Greenville Avenue, Rogers is heading north to the Billion Dollar Mile with his FIRST of many expansions.

“I’m thrilled to announce that #RHAdfw’s newest location is on the Plano/Frisco border, right by The Shops of Legacy and that little store called Ikea,” said Rogers in a tweet on Friday. “My team and I will be recruiting talented #DFWrealtors for our new space, so please help spread the word.”

Rogers already had 25 agents working the northern plateau, as I call the area, with 160 total agents.

“We now command Dallas,” says Rogers, “the city has grown so much, we can easily fit in another 60.”

Now we know why he’s got his cute face plastered on all those billboards!


Candy Evans

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