Donald Trump Stumps Dallas to Put a Real Estate Mogul in the White House. Nicole Barrett Was There

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Nicole Barrett at Trump

You know how I believe that Real Estate touches every inch of life? Well, there is no better proof of that right now than Donald Trump. The Real Estate mogul running for President of the United States was in Dallas Monday night and stirred up quite a storm, from the Dump Trump marches outside to the Trump fever inside American Airlines Center. Condo residents at the W and Ritz were told to prepare for downtown crowds. Meantime, I’ve learned that Carleton Varney (did the Stoneleigh Hotel, the Carleton Varney unit at The Residences at the Ritz Carlton) is a huge Trump supporter — Varney lives in one of Trump’s buildings in New York City.  Honestly, this campaign can be brought down in 24 hours or less: just talk to everyone who lives in a Trump-owned building, see how he runs them!

The Stoneleigh Hotel
The Stoneleigh Hotel

Carleton Varney unit at the Ritz


Or talk to Nicole Barrett,

Nicole is a celeb radio & TV host and just a beautiful lady. She actually braved the crowds to attend the Donald Trump rally. According to media reports, it was a sold-out event of 20,000… is that true Nicole?

Nicole: It was definitely NOT full, but certainly a lot of people…The floor and lower levels were full. Not the top.

CD: Did you pay for your ticket? If so, how much?

Nicole: I got my tickets free as soon as they went online.

CD: I watched the live streaming and saw a lot of stand-up ovations – true?

Nicole: Standing ovations whenever he raised his voice level.

CD: Describe the audience. It looked pretty mixed to me from what I saw…

Nicole: The audience was mostly White couples, few Hispanics and a handful of Black attendees.

CD: He also seemed to have ADD, talk about himself, and then pounded his favorite themes – correct?

Nicole: It was ALL ABOUT TRUMP, until he talked about the other candidates..More of a comedy show with punchlines on other candidates..The only ‘plan’ he had was Build a Wall! …Like in Berlin??

CD: Did people mob him afterwards? Was he nice?

Nicole: People definitely wanted to shake his hand, and he was receptive. Someone handed him a book and he took it. Not sure what it was…He was a true Rock .. Star!

CD: He says so many things that the President cannot actually do because in our country, the President is not a dictator. There are three branches. Does Trump sometimes forget that?

Nicole: Trump believes he can do anything! He is not asking for our help. Just put him in and let him take charge is the perception I get.

CD: Guess he’ll rebuild the Constitution? But he is a real estate guy, and friends of mine who live in his buildings in NYC love him. Would a real estate developer make a good president, besides getting the scaffolding off the Capitol sooner?

Nicole: Oh, the scaffolding was a big hit! Now, does anyone know exactly what that is??? Seriously, development is his expertise (when he is not filing bankruptcy on his properties), but this country needs SO MUCH more! What good is a building if no one can afford to live in it!

CD: I cracked up when he said Ford is sending jobs to Mexico and then they are driving those cars back here over the border, which is why he wants to build a wall. He’s really funny. What was your fave moment?

Nicole: I could not get enough of him saying, ‘He’s great for women!’ IS that according to his ex wives??

CD: I found the comments on MSNBC interesting. One guy says he reminds him of his Dad’s generation, the Greatest Generation, who didn’t mince words. He comes across as strong. But he is not self-made. I think the middle class just feels so washed out in this country, it truly frightens me. So what do you think, does he have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning?

Nicole: At this rate, to NOT give him the nomination would seem rigged on the GOP’s part. We may have to ride this out… But, I don’t think he will beat HIll. She has put in WAY TOO much to go down without a Hell of a fight. His true substance will show if he debates her. We already know he’s great at talking to himself. LOL!

Dump Trump

no to Trump




Candy Evans

A real estate muckraker, Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters. She is also the North Texas real estate editor for, CultureMap Dallas, Modern Luxury Dallas, & the Katy Trail Weekly. Candy has written for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News, plus a host of national sites. Constantly breaking celebrity real estate news, she scooped former president George W. Bush's Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of her signature, and, devoted to the vacation home market. Her verticals have won many awards, including Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations. Candy holds an active Texas real estate license but does not sell. She is on the Board of Directors of Braemar Hotels & Resorts (BHR).

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  1. Samantha Shaddock says

    I sublet an apartment in one of Trump’s UWS towers, and it was great. The staff in particular were wonderful. One day we thought our cat had escaped, and they turned the place upside down for us to look for him — scoured every hallway and every stairwell on every floor. Truly remarkable.

  2. Ed Thomas says

    Stop the presses! More leftist propaganda from Candy and her “contributors,” what a shock! Was that selfie snapped with an Obamaphone?

  3. Casaclayton says

    Candy, I love your site. As a lover of color, design and architecture I say there are many more colors than red and blue, please keep politics/race/gender out of discussions. I didn’t even need to read your interview after seeing the look on her face to know the slant. Was that article necessary?

  4. Bruce Lynn says

    I find it interesting that everyone shows the pictures of the protesters….this one of maybe 10 people. It’s interesting people want to debate if there were 15,000 or 20,000 people there. AAC typically holds about 20,000. The nosebleeds were sparse, but the floor was full. In the end it doesn’t really matter. That’s probably the biggest turnout for a politician or candidate anywhere in Texas and you would think that is what gets reported. That’s the news.
    I still don’t know what the protesters are supporting. Trump says he is for legal immigration. Wants to give visas to the best and brightest graduating from Harvard, Yale, Stamford, and Wharton. Wants to send any illegal criminals back to their country of origin. Why would anyone have a problem with this? We must be about the only country on earth that allows citizenship by birth. My wife goes to Japan pregnant and has the baby in Japan, does the baby automatically get Japanese citizenship? How about if we’re in Mexico or France or Brazil, or Tahiti while we’re on vacation? If that were the case, I could have rented an apartment in Monaco for a month.

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