Oh, Those Views! Renovated Warrington Condo Has Glam Interiors by Douglas Bradford

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When Dennis Hammett sold this 9th-floor Warrington condo to Douglas Bradford, it was dated and closed-off. But the views, they were spectacular. Today it is a completely different high-rise unit.

Personally, this story just amazes me. Designer Douglas Bradford bought this 9th-floor unit inside the Warrington just last year. While the interiors were dated and the rooms closed-off, Bradford saw the potential in the size of the unit and the amazing views offered by the three over-sized terraces.

And now Ebby Halliday Realtor Dennis Hammett — the same Realtor who sold Bradford the unit — is listing it again. However, this is far from the same high-rise, as Bradford has taken the entire unit to the studs and made it a swanky, luxurious home that will impress.

Bradford wanted the kitchen to be the nexus of the unit, which completely transformed the feel of the space. Out came the peninsula and cabinetry.
This tub was replaced with a far more sophisticated version that will allow you to soak in the water and the views at once.

Jump to see the photos of this fashionable unit after its transformation!









Wow. Incredible, right? I want to call this design “future glam” because it is glitzy, luxurious, and it features some amazing top-of-the-line fixtures that are just perfect for the space. Of course, you’ll notice how open and sleek Unit 9B at 3831 Turtle Creek feels, thanks to the unobstructed floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a 330-degree view of downtown Dallas, Turtle Creek, and Highland Park. Of course, there are some features and finishes that definitely stand out.

“I would say the dining room chandelier and vent hood are two of my favorite [details],” Bradford said. “The chandelier is a classic design but I love the fact that the design is entirely out of chain and has an industrial, but yet chic, edge to it. The vent hood is by Miele and has a changing LED color bar on the front edge.”

Thoughtful interior fixtures, such the divided light doors throughout the unit, keep the space feeling open. “Even when the doors are closed you have the natural light that filters through the glass panels,” he added.

Of course, the floor-plan is very much tailored to modern living, with the entire condo designed around the kitchen island, which is centered between two living areas, and feels very much like the chef’s table at a high-end restaurant. “People always congregate to the kitchen when you entertain, so I wanted the kitchen to be over the top. It was my goal to have the kitchen more of the size of a kitchen that you would find in regular home not a condo kitchen.”

The entire unit benefits from the outstanding size of the kitchen, opening up the space to the formal living area and dining area, and allowing the host to enjoy those incredible views along with his guests.





Hammett says that there has already been a ton of interest in the unit, which has only been on the market for a few days.

“Feedback has been very positive, as the finishes and views are jaw dropping,” Hammett said. “This type property deserves a presentation, instead of just giving the key out to other agents. As you can tell, I love showing it off and always experience a lot of wows from potential buyers.”

I mean, how could you not get reeled in from those photos? The skylines and the gorgeous views are enhanced by all of that high-tech lighting throughout the living areas. The place just glows in the dark!

“Luxury properties always offer unique characteristics, so, I kicked it up a notch on this one and did twilight photograph,” Hammett said. “It really captures the awesome views of the city skyline from many locations within the unit, while showing off the interior masterpiece. I love the shot of the sleek master bath and soaking tub with the skyline in the distance.”





“The condo has the most incredible views of any condo I’ve ever been in on Turtle Creek. Being on the 9th floor, you still are grounded by being just above the trees along Turtle Creek,” Bradford adds. “To maximize the views, I added the fireplace and entertainment wall to the very end of the living area and arranged the large sitting area around it so when you are sitting down you have a direct view of the Dallas skyline.”

If you’ve fallen for this place like I have, you can buy all the art and furniture (including the piano) throughout this two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath, 2,533-square-foot unit for an additional $150,000 over the almost $1.4 million price tag. It saves you the time and hassle of outfitting a high-rise and then figuring if everything is going to fit in the elevator. (Surprise! Sometimes it doesn’t!)





Or … you could just camp out on the terrace and enjoy the views. That sounds perfect to me.


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