Dennis Hammett Earns Ebby Halliday Realtors ‘Rookie of the Year’ Title

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A 20-year resident of Dallas, Dennis Hammett certainly knows his way around our beautiful city, but would you believe that he’s actually a rookie? In real estate that is. Certainly, Hammett has plenty of experience in sales and design, but this previous year was his first as a Realtor. The Ebby Halliday agent managed to post record figures in his first year with Ebby, surpassing other new agents and earning the title as Rookie of the Year for gross sales. That’s a testament to the value of an active network and the power of positive referrals!

We got the opportunity to ask Hammett a few questions despite his busy schedule, and we have to say that we’re impressed with this guy. Jump to read more about this Rookie of the Year! Do you have any prior experience in real estate or sales that helped you achieve such a high-performing first year?

IMG_3953Dennis Hammett: I learned an old-fashioned work ethic from my parents, who started their own business when I was a child. Armed with these values, I left for a career in the fashion industry and joined Neiman Marcus at age 21. Soon after, I launched into an aviation career with American Airlines where I served in many positions that impacted the customer experience from a product, sales, and service perspective. These positions afforded me extensive experience in training, marketing, and product design, along with negotiations of numerous multi-million dollar contracts.

During my 27 years there, I learned the importance of great customer service and gained lifelong skills such as how to listen, how to adapt and anticipate every customer’s needs, and how to make my clients feel they are my only client. This experience and work ethic, coupled with hard work and dedication to my clients, paved the way for a great year.

CD: What’s your business philosophy when it comes to selling real estate?

DH: My philosophy is pretty simple and aligns with Mrs. Ebby’s: Be honest, touch people’s lives, look at people when you speak with them, never criticize the competitors, and get along with people — a skill that has served her well. I’m not really in it for money. When you focus on the money you lose sight of the most important aspect of this business, which is the client. A great client testimonial at the end of a transaction is what I work for and is worth far more than any commission check I receive.

CD: It’s a seller’s market right now, and a challenging one, too. What are you focusing on to keep you ahead of the competition?

DH:We are in a fast-paced market with low inventory and real estate transactions can be very complex and tricky. My background in sales, customer service, design, marketing, and strategic negotiations provides a great edge. Clients want someone who can make it happen, so, it’s important to have someone represent you who is quick, a sharp negotiator, and knows their market and inventory. One of my favorite sayings to my clients is “Keep your eye on the prize.” There will always be bumps and challenges during any transaction, but, you have to remain calm and never lose focus.

Building strong relationships with your industry colleagues and networking are also key to landing that perfect property. In many cases, I have others watching for what I need and receive a heads-up when it’s coming on the market.

CD: Can you tell us a little bit about what this award means to you personally?

DH: To be honest, I wasn’t aware there was a “Rookie of the Year” award! I was just “doing what I do” for my clients, so it was an awesome surprise. It means a great deal, as it confirms my spot in the industry. I love the Steve Jobs quote: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” I truly love this business and am so grateful to my clients and the many people that have played a role in my success.

Congratulations to you, Dennis, an a terrific achievement!

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